Spice up your Marriage with these Simple Steps

Ah! Married life! Marriage is great. But as time passes by, romance can fade away.



As you grow as a couple, you get to know every bits and secrets of each other. In some cases, sex can even become a daily chore (and be a bit boring). Move your arm here; pull your leg up there; kiss me in the neck… You have done every position in the bed, bathroom and  kitchen; and you may even invented new ones.


So maybe it’s time to put a little bit of fire in the fading flame.

That is exactly what I’m here for. This guide will bring life back into the bedroom in a snap, just like lighting a match in a gas tank leak. Expect explosive results. After reading this guide, get ready for the wildest night you will never forget.


First thing’s first. Break the routine, do new things.

Sadly, a lot of the monotony comes from doing the same routine, with the same person, again and again.  This familiarity can be boring and repetitive. So think of new ways to do things. “Anything” is okay. Even if it’s not much, as long as it’s new, it’s good. “New” is good.

So “small, new things” are fine. If you guys are facing northwards, then face eastwards today. Do it at the edge of the bed this time, or in the closet, or floor, anything! As long as it breaks the routine, it’ll create a chance for magic.


Use costumes to change the mood. Play someone else for a change.

Not everybody is okay with freaky costumes, so, you can simply dye your hair if you’re a girl or shave, or grow a beard if you’re a guy. As long as you break the monotony, it goes a long way.


Act out your fantasies.

Fantasies are like underwear, everybody has them; but not everybody uses them. Talk to your partner about your fantasies, and see what is agreeable between the two of you. Feel things out and respect each other’s boundaries; which means, when someone wants to stop, the activity has to stop too.


Engage in a little spontaneous teasing.

Try doing exciting things during surprising times. You can kiss your partner while she is in the middle of changing clothes. You can also start a small flame while she is doing the dishes.

The times where you encounter everyday chores, can add to the monotony. By adding a little playful teasing into the mix, you can rejuvenate the flame with your lover.


Do it in different places.

Sex in inappropriate places can be dangerous, but the fun and excitement comes with danger too. Get your adrenaline pumping by doing things in places you’re not supposed to. Try to initiate sex in public places like a beach or a restroom at a restaurant. Or join the mile-high club; do it in a plane. You can also do it in a dark movie house where you can have a little bit of privacy.


Use Props.

Try different sensations on each other’s body with various experimental props. Play around with long, short, hot or cold objects. Use props like feathers and ice cubes to get each other excited. Blindfold each other to limit visual senses and enhance the sense of touch. Try experimenting with scents and aroma-therapy. It is about exploring sensations you have never felt before.



Spice up your sex life with these tips. It is about lighting the spark again. But remember, sex is for both of you. To successfully spice up your sex life, make an effort to get know each other better and this will lead to flaming nights of loving.


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