I must not be sad, no…
even if i know
that any time soon
you’d have to go
and leave me alone.

It is I who told you so,
didn’t I?
Rather than live a lie,
I’d better cry
and try to let my feelings die.

You’ve given me so much
to remember
you’ve made me feel like
we’re going to live
happily ever after.

You wiped my tears
and made me smile.
You gave me joy even just for a while.
Have I told you
you’ve given me wings to fly?

We had a good love going,
you always said you’d do anything.
I have always thought you’re charming
and your ways were so disarming.
It’s so sad we’ve come to parting…

Ours was a love
that was never meant to be.
But I want you to know,
you’ve made me so happy.
May I say, “Thank you so much, sweetie.”

For all the wonderful things
you’ve shown me,
and the good memories
you’ll be leaving for me.
Maybe someday, let us see…we might be. ♥

monette 28.1.2012 hk


About Monette

A budding writer just trying to send a message across through my piece of work...and I also love to write poetry. Please visit my facebook page to view my works. Thank you.

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