Migrating to New Places is not as Scary as You Think

I’ve always been pampered. I’ve always been weak. I wouldn’t dare go to new, unexplored places — God forbid, I might die!

I was born and raised in the Philippines. I was spoonfed, diapered, nurtured to the bone — really, every pampering technique you could imagine.

And so did you — you just don’t know it yet.

If I didn’t have family to cradle me all the way to America, I would’ve been stuck in the Philippines by now. But THANK GOD for my family, they cradled me, patted my back, brushed my hair all the way to America. Would I have gone alone? No! Seriously, where would I go? What the hell would I eat? Will I survive?


Of course — before life rained down hard on me, before life whipped me into shape — I would’ve been too scared to go outside my comfort zone. So going to a new country is out of the question. New culture, new civilization? I probably wouldn’t have survived, I probably would’ve rolled over and died my very first day.


Before you judge me, if you have NO family or friends in the U.S. right now, would you go? Hell no! You would think I was crazy for making you go to a new land without knowing anybody. Who would feed you? Who would fetch you in the airport? Who would take you in their house?

Even though another country would be a whole lot better for you, a whole lot better for your future. Sure, It would be devastatingly hard at first, but it would drastically be better in the future. But No! Of course you wouldn’t take a chance. No risks for Filipinos like you and I.


My latest dead-end job is in a shitty manufacturing company. But then again, no matter how shitty it is, you still get to learn a little bit about your co-workers from different crappy parts in the world. One of the more interesting conversation I had was with this confident African dude. It took me a while to get used to his accent but eventually, I enjoyed his stories.

This African dude, Daniel, he was brave, he was confident and he was young. 27, we’re about the same age. One thing though, he already traveled the world alone. At his age. He had no money, he wasn’t born rich, he just lived on bare necessities — he lived smart, confident, brave.

Before he came to California (from Ethiopia), he migrated to Europe. I guess it was easier for them to jump ship to Europe. Why’d he do it? Not because he was after a better future like we all are — he did it because he was bored… (Well, maybe a small part of it was finding for a better future for himself, but most of it was for plain ole ordinary sense of adventure).

He found work at a vineyard in Italy. Vineyards give low pay, basically a farmers job BUT vineyards are SUPER DAMN BEAUTIFUL!

He did NOT know anybody in Italy, he threw all his savings to buy a cruise then in his first stop — he found Italy to be super beautiful — he decided to stay. Does he know anybody? No, he wandered around the first few days, used his final money to spend on cheap motels. It was super difficult (well it sounded difficult to me), at first because he didn’t speak Italian. He got lucky when he ran into a fellow countryman, a stranger to him, but he was glad somebody finally spoke the same language as his. More luck came when that same guy got him work at a local vineyard. Beautiful vineyard, beautiful work. He was happy for a time.

A few months, he learned Italian, was finally able to converse with the  Italians and really soaked in the culture.

He saved all his money, got to know more of his fellow countryman. Having the adventurist nature, he decided to explore the rest of Europe. His fellow co-workers thought it would be fun. They Explored Germany, Amsterdam, Norway, etc. — Basically every cool places Europe had to offer. Remember, they didn’t speak any English, but they survived.

I still strongly remember what he told me. “All you really need is a cup of noodles and a liter of water a day. Shit? You can take a shit on local restaurants, malls and bars”.

Now that’s genius… well, at least brave.

How’d he get to America? Five years in Europe, he somehow got citizenship, a loophole of some kind. That made getting a work visa in the U.S. easier. On the way to U.S., he passed through Mexico, he had a friend there. He partied there for a few months.

Fact: Italian is Spanish with an accent. If you speak Italian, you could communicate the bare necessities in Mexico.

He finally found his way to California. Why California? He googled it. He didn’t know anybody, google showed that California had the best chance for him landing a job. Did he know anybody prior? Nope. At the airport, he got into a taxi, went to a cheap apartment he googled and stayed there for the next few months. He had a laptop, he dedicated himself to learning English, after three months, he was speaking basic English.

He studied the map of the city, searched jobs on craigslist, and landed one at a warehouse. All set, a few months more, his new fellow co-workers hooked him up with a used car and continued “adventure-ing” on his days off. How’d he land work on my company? One co-worker of his got whiff our company was hiring, they all applied and a bunch of them got in.


How’s he doing now? Oh, he quit. After a few months, he was doing really good, he told me getting stuck in one place is not his style. He got to know what Europe and America was like, he needs to travel more.

It was a piece of cake for him now. I don’t know where he is, I hope he’s doing good, I hope he’s having fun. But traveling? Traveling is easy for him. The hard part’s over, traveling is a piece of cake for him.

Not speaking the same language? No problem. No place to live on a new land? No problem. Don’t know anybody to hook you up in a new place? No problem. Just charge head on through life. The world is a big place, so many beautiful places, so many beautiful people — we only get one shot at life. Don’t waste it.


Easier said than done. I wish I was as brave as him, I wish I could explore and survive to new places without any money, without any connections — just to survive on your own, with no money, no connections — that would be SO COOL!


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