9 Ways to Reduce Stress in the Mornings

People get stressed every morning when they wake up. Especially when they don’t want to wake up yet, but they have to rush to their jobs or school now.



People get stressed because they didn’t get enough sleep. The result is, they wake up in the morning stressed and irritated. And all they think about for the rest of the day is, to get it over with so they can come back to bed after a long day at work (or school).


Being stressed and agitated every morning in your life is not the way to go. So here are simple yet effective early morning tips for relieving stress:


1. For starters (and the most basic concept), make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep at night. That way, when you wake up, you won’t feel as weak and stressed out.

2. If you can’t sleep well at night or if you have a lot of things to finish up, try taking a nice, warm bath before going to bed. Or try to meditate and relax. Listening to smooth music is another good way to soothe yourself.

3. Do not go to bed frustrated or angry, because it will make your mornings miserable. Our subconscious takes things seriously, and negative emotions will carry out to your dreams. Try to resolve the issue, or relax and transient to a better mood before going to bed.

4. Try to finish all your work during the day, so your nights are concentrated on getting your well-deserved rest. This will help your mornings a lot.

5. Wake up a few minutes earlier so you don’t have to feel “rushed” and stressed preparing yourself for work, or school. This will affect you throughout the day.



6. Try to organize things that you need in the morning before going to bed… like your clothes, car keys, backpacks etc. The time you spend with these things in the morning can be spent enjoying your morning cup of coffee instead… so you don’t have to worry about rushing to work.

7. Be sure to eat breakfast. This is important because it will help you concentrate and be energized throughout the day. This is very important because if you are hungry, you will be weak and anxious.

8. Try to set a good mood when you wake up. Try to turn on some  music while you’re having breakfast. Or watch TV with your coffee, this will give you a  lively feeling throughout the day.

9. Try some simple stretching or do simple exercises in the morning to get your blood circulating properly.


Use these techniques every day to reduce stress. If you can incorporate these in your life, will find out in the long run that your lifestyle and mood have been changed in a good way.

Reducing stress every morning will give you a good physical and mental state. You will notice that your life have become easier and less stressful.



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