My Boss Broke My Heart – Part 2

This is a continuation from – I’m in love with my boss, but he broke my heart.


Months passed, it hurts. It still hurts. Estrella kept saying how gloomy I was. She always mentioned how depressing it was to spend time with “depressed” me.


She was right. I sorry, Estrella…



I kept praying. I never stopped praying. I was depressed — more like, miserable… you know, the fourth stage of death.

  • Denial – I blamed him. Even though he flew all this way to the Philippines. Without any assurance, without any security, he took a chance. And I still blamed him.
  • Anger – I mailed him so much “hate e-mails.” I regretted it, but I said so much hurtful things just to provoke him into replying back.
  • Bargaining – I bargained and I bargained and I bargained. Still, no response.
  • Depression – The miserable, depressing state I was in.
  • Acceptance – My next state. I hope it doesn’t come to this.


I wonder how he is…” I said to Estrella.

You still think about that? I’m sorry, but you have to get over him. It’s making you useless… You barely did any productive things these past few months — You barely write anymore!

“I know, I know… But I don’t know… I shouldn’t be, but I’m too depressed to write. I wonder how he is… maybe you’re right, maybe he has three kids now…”


“Three kids in the past few months?!? You’re crazy, Andrea!”

“I am.”


Then that night, as I was getting ready to miserably sleep off another God-forsaken day, I heard a tone — that unmistakable tone. It sent shivers down my spine — I knew who it was!  I should know — “He” has that personalized beep in Skype.

“How are you, Andrea?”

“Boss! Mr. Hawksten! Where have you been???”

“I got your emails. All 484 of them. Took me three days to read them all. Some of them turned sour.”

“I know, I know. I’m sorry. I was angry. You just read them now?”

“After the Philippines, I never opened my Skype and e-mail again (I guess you know). I never told you, but I always liked you. You were all I was thinking about.”

“Well, why didn’t you introduce yourself! It was you! It was always you all along! I somehow created a fantasy of waiting for you.”

“I didn’t know. When I was there, I thought you had a boyfriend. I really thought you were taken.”

“So… what… now…”

“I don’t know. I’m sorry…”


Fast forward. That was two years ago. I still remembered clearly each and every detail. But I’ve moved on now.

I’m married now.


And as all married women do (though I think it’s unfair), I’ve changed my name.

My name is now, Andrea Delana-Hawksten.


That’s right! Dreams do come true!


A month after that chat, He went back. My dear old boss went back and gave it a second chance. I was sad for his company, 2009 was rough and he had to sell it. But I have to be selfish. I was happy because if he still had that company, he wouldn’t have been able to spend time back in the Philippines.


We dated for eight months! I was in bliss! I was in fantasy! I was with the guy of my dreams! Now, how many girls can say that?

Each and every single date was bliss… Ecstasy! Happiness! It was like a “first” for everything! First movies, first coffee, first beach adventure, first dinner… you know, all the sweet stuff :)


I don’t fully understand what the components for true happiness are, but for that eight months, each and every single day… I was truly happy.


Sure we had fights (our first fight, lol), but it was so shallow and (come to think of it) funny. We barely fight, we connected on a deeper level. We were made for each other! We know each other’s thoughts. Our personalities matched. We were soul mates. Oooh! How many people in this world can fully say, “they found their soul mates?” I am so lucky! (Yes, I am!)


I finally introduced him to my family (my mom had a crush on him), everybody liked him. And later, in Boracay, he knelt down and proposed.

Andrea… I’ve never been in love as much as I’ve been in love with you. It had always been you. I love you. Will you make me the happiest man alive?


I was in tears, that diamond ring snuck through my finger and I hugged him. “Yes! Of course! You’ve made me the happiest girl in the world!”


Fast forward.

It’s cold. So cold. It’s almost winter. I live in San Franciso now. We have a beautiful baby girl, I delightfully thank God as I tuck her in — we wouldn’t want her to get cold now, do we?

My husband, Jonathan Hawksten (so cool to say that now), will be arriving from his new job soon. I’ve prepared dinner, steak and vegetables, just the way he likes it.


I look through the window, I thank God again. Dreams do come true. I am so in love with my boss…




About Andrea

An anonymous being, a writer hidden in the shadows; I come with the darkest clouds and pen darker thoughts to paper. I am the fog, the shadow, the mist. Come see me and you will never go back.

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  • Queenie Calzado Argawanon

    wow!! verry nice story :) i wish u put ur family photos also:)

    • AndreaDelana

      I’m shy :P

      • nyla

        i agree with queenie.:) u should put ur family photo. just like you, im living in my own version of fairytale minus the baby coz we are not yet planning on having one.:) oh my gosh, this should be a romance movie:)

        like you, i always wanted to write articles, but often times, i get timid, and doesn’t have that much confidence to submit my article.:) but few months ago, i wrote a essay that has something to do with me and the man im so much inlove with.
        hope one of these days, i will have the courage to submit that article.:) goodluck to u and ur family:)

        • Andrea

          Oh, submit it here. I’d love to read it!

          And yes, I’ll have the admin upload a pic of myself here. (my hubby still has issues with pictures)

  • Pearly_jewel86

    I’m so happy for you. Same as you i’m living in fantasy too. We got the same story, I felt inlove with my boss. And, I know it would be impossible to have him in my life. Day by day, i’m hurt. I’m hoping i can move on.

    • Guest

      And, he is from US too. I’ve meet him already thrice in Philippines. He had meet my family. I used to talked to him 2yrs ago in skype and yahoo. We do always have a voice call, exchange jokes. After 2 yrs, lot of things has changed, he told me he has some personal issue going on and i could only talk to him through email. It’s not often, maybe twice or once month. And now, I decided to quit from his company because i want to move on. Hope i can achieve my goal. It’s too difficult when you felt in love to a wrong person. You gonna loose your life. It sucks. :(

    • AndreaDelana

      My kindred spirit! So nice to meet someone like me!

      Aww… I hope it all works well for you. There’s a reason for everything. But you have to admit, exchanging voicecalls, skype to a person your care about oceans away, is already an adventure of a lifetime, right?

      • guest

        very true andrea!

        Too difficult to move on huh! :(

  • Dazzler 

    Wow! Seriously you made me cry! Dreams do come true and I am so happy for you Andrea! You made me believe in fairy tales again! You are so lucky and I loved your article :) . Keep it up and continue touching people’s lives…

    • Andrea

      Thank you, Dazzler!

      Yes, dreams do come true… fairy tales are a girls best friend :)

  • AaLynnette ASp

    I loved the first part. You had me going. Can I give you constructive criticism? The second part would’ve been nice if you extended it by describing what you went through…like the heartbreak, the pain, what you did everyday to get over the pain. Stupid things that people went through…The second part was too short and felt like you just wanted the story done and over with. What makes a great story is by describing the process and not just cutting it down in a summary. Your story was great, I just didn’t like the summary of the second ending due to being short and I lost you there on the second part. It was kind of impersonal. I will be following your stories in the future. I like your articles by the way. I can relate to your articles like you’re writing it just for me. And, I’m happy for you and your husband! I’m also a new writer and I’m getting great tips from you reading your articles. Keep up the good work! Great job on your stories!

    • Francis Uycoco

      Yeah! The story was great! But still, we loved to hear the writer’s cut!

      • Andrea

        Yes, gosh, I hope the original draft is still in my laptop somewhere. Otherwise, I’d have to recreate it :(

    • Andrea

      Awww… thanks. Gawd, I was right. I knew I should’ve gone with my instinct. The first draft was over 3,500 words and I thought it would’ve been a strain to the eyes… so I compressed it to 2,400 words.

      And you’re right. I did take out a chunk in the second part. Gosh I hope the original draft is still saved somewhere in my laptop. I’ll try to find it and I hope the admin lets me revise my work.

      And thank you for the criticism. I needed it :)

  • Kriscel_alfonso

    Oh my gosh! u realy made me cry!! im happy for u andrea!!

    • Andrea

      Thank you!! :)

  • Carlisleedrey

    Thanks for sending me the link for the 2nd part. It was so good that it kept me going. hahah

    • Andrea

      Thanks :)

  • Ehmgie Salonga

    love… :D now i guess im starting to create my own fantasy..

    • Andrea

      Yes! Create!

  • kath

    Awww great story! But it must be antagonizing to go through it. Anyway it has turned out the best for you :) share your photos please so we can put a face in your characters. :)

    • Andrea

      My husband has issues with pictures. Who knows, maybe some wild man with a camera attacked him when he was a child :)

      I’ll get the admin to post my pic at the end of the article :D

  • Glenda Ocfemia

    nice…enjoyed reading your story…’twas like reading a mills and boon romance story…lol…though the second part which concluded the love story seemed short cut. lol…but nevertheless it still is a good article…keep writing and keep it coming!

    • Andrea

      Wow, thanks! I’m honored. And yes, I did cut the 2nd part short. I’m trying to find the original draft in my laptop. I hope it’s still there. I’ll ask the admin if I could get my work revised.


  • Queenie Calzado Argawanon

    im gonna share this to my friends on twitter ( _royalLady_ ) . happy valentines Andrea.

    • AndreaDelana

      Wow, that is so nice of you, Queenie! Thanks! Happy Valentines!

  • Patrick mariano

    best wishes :)

  • Karl Jacosalem

    I was stuck on my pc reading your story. I loved the twist and turn of fate that resulted in you having a “grasp and let it go and return” of what you have longed for. Have another story to tell us? I’ll eagerly wait for it.

    • AndreaDelana


      That is the best compliment I’ve ever got. Thank you so much!

  • Lovely_damsel_18_26

    It’s a very interesting and inspiring story. The title is catchy, though it doesn’t fit the ending. But I liked it! Your story has an effect on me. While I was reading, it is as though I’m watching a romantic film. God bless you, your boss, and your little daughter. I’m also in love with my boss. (giggle… :-) )