My Dog just Passed Away…

I was not an inborn dog lover. I mean, I don’t hate them, but I’m also not very fond of them. Just like most families, we had a dog growing up. In fact, we had several of them, since my father love dogs. But I really wasn’t able to form any sort of attachment to them.



Four years ago, my husband decided to “collect” dogs. He bought one in June of that year, and by December, he already had 5. That was okay, except that, having several running pups all at the same time, can be a little bit daunting.


For the last four years, all six (5 plus 1, I bought for myself) dogs changed my life. But, I am writing this to specifically give tribute to one of our best and well loved dog who just recently passed away…


Diggy Dog, our Golden Retriever, wherever you are right now, THANK YOU…


Diggy, our beloved.


1.) For being the only puppy who was jumping in that box.

I remember when hubby and I went to buy you. There were, I guess, 7 of you in that small box. All of you were equally beautiful, cute and huggable, so sadly, you were not my first pick.

I was telling hubby to pick someone else from your siblings who were peacefully sleeping that time. Looking back, I’m glad daddy didn’t listen to me. Instead, he chose YOU! You were the only puppy jumping in that box as if trying to tell hubby to choose you. Indeed, hubby made the right choice!


2.) For making the name “DIGGY” even more meaningful.

Your name was not randomly picked from the list of dog names suggested in the internet. I remember hubs wanted to initially call you Dizzy (because you were dizzying).

But, since that rhymed with the name of your sister Dipsy and you were not responding to that name everytime he called you, he decided to change it and let you borrow his very own nickname… DIGGY (a sign that you are one of our highly favored dogs).

When I got pregnant, hubby didn’t think twice of naming your “human” brother, DIGGY as well. Some laughed at the thought that our DIGGY BOY was named after you, our DIGGY DOG. Again, hubby made the right choice. Even though back then, we didn’t expect you to leave us so soon, we are now greatly thankful for choosing to name our baby after you because he will be our constant and eternal reminder of you, our very precious dog.


3.) For making your Dad and I closer

We had you way before we got married but you were already one of our “conjugal” properties. You were like our eldest son who kept us attached on the tough times. You were our conversation starter during long road trips, quiet moments and even in between fights. You were a huge part of 4 of the 5-year relationship your dad and I have. Our love and fondness for you is one of the common things we have.


4.) For reminding us that fat can be beautiful.

I think you are the only overweight but adorable creature in this world and we love you for that. Your daddy will never forget that instance when he tried to test how much dog food you can eat. He would always recall that time when he bought 2 kilos of dog food to see if you can finish everything. He was surprised that you ate all 2 kilos without pause!

Yes, you were overweight, and again let me remind you that it is the reason why we love you so much. Golden Retrievers are one of the breeds that gets more cuddlier and more adorable, the chubbier it gets.


5.) For all the good memories, the loyalty and the unconditional love.

You were the true epitome of loyalty and love. We had initial difficulties raising you from the notoriously playful breed that you are, but it was all worth it because of the sweet and loving dog that you have become. Enough said… We are simply glad to have made you a part of our lives.


Diggy dog, thank you for just being you… we are sorry that we took your seemingly small pain lightly (We thought it was just a minor illness). We continue to recall that day when you were not feeling well and look back with regret that we didn’t take you to the doctor immediately.  We never realized how sudden you will be taken from us.

If there is a doggy heaven (and I would like to believe that there is), please watch over all of us who loves you… Please be our diggy baby’s guardian doggy… You will forever be missed… We will remember you eternally… We love you so much…


Diggy, we miss you...


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