My Letter to Juliet

Dear Juliet,


I do love LOVE. I love hearing love’s stories. In fact, I watch a lot of romantic movies just to have a schema of what love’s like. But the thing that I hate most about it is that it somehow makes me think that I would never get to experience this kind of love from somebody.

Romeo and Juliet ------- 20th Century Fox


I heard people talking about their experiences about love and I get really confused. They say that it’s wonderful, the most beautiful thing on Earth. Some also say that it’s very wicked and it could trample your heart and leave you for dead. Some also say that love’s indifferent.

Me? I don’t really know. How should I know, right? I’m only 16 years old. I’ve only felt puppy love but that’s not love like yours and Romeo’s. And one thing that strangles the strands of my head is, why do they call it puppy love? There are a lot of words to describe a sweet thing as first love, like, “rosy love” or “sweet love” or  anything. Why does it have to be puppy? What’s with a puppy?


I’d like to ask you what you feel about love. Do you find it sweet? Wicked? Sick? Indifferent? Cruel?  And  when will you know if that’s it?

You know? You’ve been lucky to experience love in Romeo’s arms. Though, you didn’t end up happily here, I’m sure that your happy with each other there. I wish my story will be like yours, er, minus the mistaken death part.


You seemed very happy.  I wish my story will be like Nam’s and P’ Shone’s. I wish it would be like every heroin’s happy ending. It’s crazy but sometimes, I feel that I was never a heroin. I was always the supporting actress who never gets the hero. I was always in the bleachers.


Though that’s the case, I know LOVE will come to  me as it had come to you. I’m still waiting for that person who’ll sweep me up my feet and blow me away.

When I do, I sure will write to you about it. :D

Goodbye Juliet and I wish you happiness.


Your sister in Love,

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the color scheme

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I love to write about anything but what I'm really good at writing about is love. I think love touches the softest parts of us in any way possible and leave us as new people.

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