“No. I Am Not a Snob”: An Introvert Speaks

“The first time I met you, I thought you were a snob.”

Story of my life. Probably a third of all the friendships that I have formed started with my friends having this impression of me. Most of them thought I was a snob. Well, isn’t that a great way to start a friendship? But it never really bothered me. Most of the time I’m amused because after they get to know me, they’ll endearingly call me the “crazy, quirky girl.”

An introvert trait

I guess being called crazy is a step up from being seen as a snob.

Shared Experience of a Common Misconception

Maybe a lot of you can relate with this experience. You probably have been accused of being snobbish, shy, standoffish, weird, anti-social, or maybe the extremely annoying though jokingly implied, “one with social disorder.”

If you have, you’re probably like me, an introvert.

Although there is no “absolute introversion,” having an introvert personality means that you, unlike two-thirds of the world’s general population, need to be alone and quiet for a few hours every day. It’s necessary for you to seek solitude so you can be energized again. Introverts like being quiet because they pay attention to ideas and thoughts as these are the sources of their energy. Extroverts, on the other hand, get their dose of energy from the stimulation around them.

Here are other things you may identify with if you are an introvert:

  • You work better alone. You don’t like group activities.
  • You have to be dragged to a party or any social gathering.
  • You prefer quiet activities like reading or writing or any solo hobby.
  • You’re better at listening rather than talking.
  • You get tired after being around people for a long time.
  • You prefer being with a few close friends.

It’s not simply about being shy. Most introverts are confident people who can speak in front of crowds, they just prefer not to, but they do it anyway when they have to. Countless scientists, musicians, doctors, philosophers, artists, and writers are introverts. What do Barack Obama, J.K. Rowling, and Gandhi have in common? Well, aside from being famous, they’re introverts too.

Misunderstood introvert

We Do Not Need Fixing, Thank You Very Much

But, sadly, most introverts in our generation, and maybe even two generations back, are made to think that we need fixing. Ever heard your folks tell you to be more outgoing, more sociable, more likeable? Wait. I’m not likable because I’m quiet? Most view our introversion as abnormal, and parents of introverts, though done with good intentions, throw their introvert children in various events and activities to “bring them out of their shells.”

One of the reasons behind this is most likely how the world is “designed.” It’s for extroverts!

From group activities in school to the need to be gregarious in the work place to get the attention of the boss, it seems the world is telling us that only extroverts get to be comfortable.

But here’s the thing. It’s okay to be an introvert in this loud extrovert world. We do not need fixing. We are perfectly fine and don’t let other people tell you otherwise.

We take heed while the others take risks. You see, in its rawest sense, we can help people realize that the best way to go about this life is to shut up every once in a while so they can get a glimpse of their inner selves.

Realizing and accepting my introvert traits made me appreciate and love myself more. I understand myself and my needs better, allowing me to improve myself and making me more useful to those around me.

Maybe you’re an introvert too. I say, embrace it!


About glori

Glori is a registered nurse but you can hire her as a freelance writer for your quality content needs. She writes, sometimes sarcastically, about her crazy introvert life on her blog, Crazy Introvert, in the hopes of connecting with other introverts like her. She likes ideas, fiction books, dogs, and life in general.

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  • Dave

    Nice! You are awesome.

    • http://crazyintrovert.blogspot.com/ Glori (CrazyIntrovert)

      Thanks Dave! Are you an introvert too?

      • Dave

        I’m the king of introverts! lol

        Great job, though. Thumbs up!

  • airhak

    all check! i’m a certified introvert. and i feel better after reading this! nice job! go introverts! we rock!

    • http://filipinobook.com/?p=5725 Glori (CrazyIntrovert)

      Thanks! We do rock don’t we?

  • http://www.currierose.wordpress.com/ Currie

    MMMM… there have definitely been situations where I become totally sapped of energy after an event… and people have definitely thought I was a snob or weird after meeting me while in a quiet mood. Though others comment that I should get a job in marketing because I’m so friendly and so outgoing.

    They are all correct. (Not about being a weird snob)… but I find that it’s all context for me. I can go either way… it depends on my mood. I am definitely an eclectic mixture of many ways of being. :)

    Thank you for this post. The quiet girl inside me appreciates knowing that she is not alone.

    Have a great weekend,

    • http://filipinobook.com/?p=5725 Glori (CrazyIntrovert)

      Introversion and extroversion do not come as absolutes. We just tend to lean more on one as we grow and learn about ourselves.
      It’s also a common misconception that we are not “sociable.” We are! LOL.
      And we also have our extrovert moments because all of us need human contact. :)
      Thanks for reading my post!

  • april

    Well, i’m not gonna deny it but i’m pretty much an introvert..at first, i really thought that im an antisocial..i really am a lot productive when i do things alone..whew! that was close..welcome to the club crazy introverts..

    • http://crazyintrovert.blogspot.com/ Glori (CrazyIntrovert)

      Exactly. we’re more creative and productive when we go solo in our work!

  • butterflai

    so true..introverts have given us every invention we got. good job! two thumbs up! :)

    • http://crazyintrovert.blogspot.com/ Glori (CrazyIntrovert)

      Almost every invention. we don’t want any extroverts after us! LOL

  • Shelvy Chandra

    Go Glori Go!!!! (*o*)/

    • http://crazyintrovert.blogspot.com/ Glori (CrazyIntrovert)

      Thanks Shelvy! LOL