Our very first battle (Chasing our dreams)

I burned out. I was burned out for years — my job made sure of that. Now that my company is dying, I feel like the next stage of my life is about to begin.



The good stage of my life is about to begin. The suffering is over, I did my time, I paid my dues — now I’ll reap the rewards.


They say that the 20′s is the time to find yourself. This is the time to really reflect and make BIG BIG changes in your life.

20′s is a good stage. Not too old enough to be hitched (with massive responsibilities), yet old enough to have the power to chase and MAKE your dreams come true.


There are two kinds of 30′s people…

  1. The ones that got stuck and still living their high school or college glory years…
  2. and the ones who actually figured themselves out and chased their dreams.

Which one are you?


My company is dying. As are thousands of companies in the US right now. Specifically, the manufacturing ones in Silicon Valley. Asia is hogging the manufacturing industry. Good for them.


Now what? Now that America has no more jobs… what do we do?

Simple. We do what we were always meant to do — or rather be. We chase our dreams. Being born in this world makes us special. It gives us a chance to chase our dreams. We all have equal chances, we won our very first rat race against millions, we earned our right to live on this world (for probably 60-80 years) — now we must make the best of it.

This is the very first WAR we won. Our very first impossible battle.

The odds were against us. We were against billions. Yet we won.

We won this highly unlikely battle. Just because you don’t remember, doesn’t make it Not true. This really happened. And it’s all on you.

We’ve earned our right to live in this world for (hopefully) 60-80 years.


And here we are on the same battlefield again.

We are against billions (again).

  • Everybody wants to be rich.
  • Everybody is racing against each other.
  • Everybody’s fighting for jobs.
  • Everybody’s fighting for money.
  • Everybody’s trying to think of ideas to make money.
  • Everybody’s competing businesses with each other…

We’re back to square one.


But we’ve already done this before. We’ve once fought for life. Literally. — Either make it first to the ovulating egg, OR DIE. No second places (mostly), out of millions (or billions), only one will live.

We all have big, big chances to conquer life and reach our goals. Yet most of us scurried away and never really fought.


Your biggest advantage is— most people scurry away from chasing their dreams… AND I’ve reminded you of your very first IMPOSSIBLE battle. Yay!


Our dreams are in front of us. Waiting for us. Life will give us roadblocks (upon roadblocks) to strengthen us — to get us ready.

After all, what good is a Ferrari if we don’t know how to drive?


Life’s job is to toughen us up, make sure we’re ready when the time comes.

But people back away from challenges. They stick to what’s easy, what’s simple — never really took the initiative to learn new things.

People always want find the simplest and easiest formula and stick with it. They stop moving forward. Moving forward means more challenges – people don’t like that.


Yet what is simple and easy is actually hard and complicated. People find an “okay” company to work in, and stick with it. But the truth is, it’s a dead end job… and it’s going nowhere.

You work day in and day out for 45 years — only to retire with little money in the bank, and still depend on the gov’t for pension. And still pay taxes!

That’s not a good life at all. Blood, sweat and tears went through that 45 years. And it’s only that — no happiness.


But what if you chased your dreams? What if you became a chef, a business owner, a writer, an adventurer (it’s possible) — you would’ve had a fantastic 45 years! You would’ve enjoyed your lifetime rather than get enslaved in a cubicle, sucking up to your boss. And dealing with crappy co-workers.


If you love your job, then good for you. But for most of us — we really should be chasing our dreams.

Let it out. Make it happen. I know you can do it. Chase your dreams.


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  • http://crazyintrovert.com/ Glori (CrazyIntrovert)

    I gotta say… You write the most entertaining and oddly sensible articles. :)

    • Dave

      Ha! These are some articles I wrote when I was in my quarterlife crisis… that’s why =D

      Still makes sense though =)