9 Productive Ways to Spend Your Free Time

We all have unproductive days. They suck, unproductive days suck — but we all have them.

I’m in my late 20′s now. The big three-O coming up. One good thing about that, I’m busy with all kinds of responsibilities now. I have a beautiful baby girl, a loving husband, a house to clean, cook and my freelance writing job. I’m busy six days a week.

But back in the days, when no major responsibilities kicked in yet — I wasted a lot of time. I wasted my days sulking, bickering and whining about how hard life was. About my crappy job. About my crappy life. About my crappy, stinky, old condo. About my stinky polluted city — About everything.

Now that I think about it… Why did I waste so much time! I mean, if I were to count it all… I probably wasted years!


What a waste. I wish I could get it all back and do something productive instead.

But that’s all in the past now. No time for regrets, no time for remorse.


This time, if I have any boring, unproductive days — I fight it out and force my sweet little brain to do something productive instead. Here are my tips on productive ways to spend your free time.


1. Clean your desk.

I know your desk is messy. We are Internet addicts. Clean it up, sort it out — your desk is a reflection of your brain. And every messy stuff takes up a mental space.


2. Clean your PC/laptop.

Delete old files. Free up memory space. Clean your registry. Do a full system scan. Delete those old spacious games you still have. Your computer consists 90% of your free time now. Take good care of it.

My favorite little software. 


3. Exercise.

My least favorite (but will reap the most amazing rewards) activity. But I know I have to do it. I know you have to do it to.

Forget how you look. Forget the mirror. It’s not about image. It’s about sweating, depleting those toxins. Those terrible toxins trapped in our pores, we need to sweat them out. We need to sweat, we need to get our heart rates up — our body needs it. We need to take care of our body. We need to be healthy.

Our body will take us places, take care of it.


4. Clean your room.

Yes, another “clean” activity. Boring, I know. But every mess takes up a mental space. What a waste of mental energy.


5. Reflect.

Think. Clear your mind. What have you done with your life so far? Is it good? Bad? Why are you in this state? What’s the root of all this? Why is this happening to you? Think. Where is all this coming from?


6. Brainstorm ideas.

Think. What can you do to improve your life? Or the life of your loved ones. Have a new idea to earn money? Is your job making you depressed? Can you find another job?

What can you do this weekend? What can you do for your spouse? For your kids? Ultimately, are you happy where you are? What can you do to improve your life? Brainstorm ideas.


7. Read. Research. Learn.

Read your favorite author. Or your favorite blog. Research new stuff. Research new ideas. Learn new stuff.

Don’t let your mind stagnate. Learn, learn, learn!


8. Make extra money.

My favorite. Freelance! I started with odesk. A good place for a start. Low pay, but good place to practice. Extra money for that iced mocha frappuccino is always nice.


9. Take a walk. Clear your mind.

Does not classify as exercise for my taste, but good enough to keep the body moving. Take a nice stroll around the park. It clears your mind. This is a good time to reflect too. Bring your dog if you have one. If you don’t have, buy one :)

My Shih Tzu is my perfect walking partner. She is my bodyguard too. She protects me from squirrels and cats. She protects my baby girl too. She does get a little bit “licky” though. But she is a beloved part of our family.


Do some of these, or all of these… and before you know it — your whole day is almost over. And you didn’t waste it watching TV all day long. Yes, you heard me right. TV is bad! Unless it is discovery or National Geographic channel — TV is bad!


Promise yourself, starting from now on… don’t waste another day.




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