My Husband is Terrible at Grocery Shopping!

Groceries. Omg, what can I say. My husband is terrible at it, my brother-in-law gets lost all the time (like a little child), and so, I’m left with the task. All alone. Which should be the way. I think.



But sometimes, I get busy too. I still have a day job, you know. So I’ve no choice, I have to send them to the market sometimes.


Anyway, I sent my brother-in-law and my husband yesterday to do the grocery in, say, the first time in two years! I did think there’d be no problem. It was a simple task of buying 11 items on the list.

Simple, right? But yep, you know it, they failed at such a simple task.


Such a simple grocery errand, and they ended up blowing the budget with beer, ice cream and snacks. Not a single meaningful food, they brought home. Not a single one.

And now the kids are lavishing in ice cream. “Why can’t we do this everyday,” they say. Now I ended up taking the role of the bad cop again–having to tell them it’s not healthy for them. Yes, big bad mommy is ALWAYS the bad cop.


Well, I know it’s hopeless, but I still want to train my husband how to do a proper grocery shopping. It’s hopeless, I know, but if I were to give some tips, this would be it.

(And don’t forget to jot down in the comments section if I missed something)


Always go with a list.

If you’re without a list, you may as well just throw your money away. Better yet, give it to me — I probably need it more than you do. :)  But seriously, you need to prepare a list for everything.


Plan out a weekly menu.

This is the best way to ensure that you have enough to serve your family for the week. I often plan a weekly menu and then replicate it for the next week — this way, I can do grocery for two weeks at once.


Don’t go when you’re hungry.

This is pretty common, but true. When you’re hungry, you have cravings for all kinds of junk. You’ll end up spending a lot more. Eat a hearty meal first, and you’ll be likely to stick to your list.


Have a budget.

When I go to the store, I know exactly the limit I can spend. Then I do my best to stick to that limit. If you don’t know how much you should spend, you’ll certainly go over the budget.


Do a rough real time tally.

If you want to stay with your budget, it’s best to know where you are at real time. Then, when you can see you’re going to go above it, you can decide whether you really need that gallon of ice cream.


Keep a list on your fridge, and write things down immediately.

When you run out of eggs, don’t leave it to memory. List it down immediately, and you’ll never have to run back to the store because you don’t have… eggs.


So what else did I miss? Any grocery tips you want to share?



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