Red Horse is King and I’m still a Wimp.

College was fun! But I only remember bits and pieces of it. Because apparently, the biggest requirement of fun is — alcohol!

Which means, “drunk is fun– and sober is boring.”

Ergo, I had a blast! Getting wasted means you had a blast, right? Right?!


I barely remembered a thing a two. I was busy feeling like crap– hurling and puking — then battling hangover the next morning.

But I had a blast. I know I had a blast. I barely remember it, but I just know. Right??

But we were one of those kids who instead of “charging head on and grabbing life by the balls”, chose a much easier, less meaningful path. Afraid of rejections, we chose to escape reality instead and drowned our lives with alcohol.

Alcohol of choice? Red Horse.

We thought we were cool. We thought San Mig Lights were for wimps. We thought if we were the baddest drinkers in school, we would somehow look cool. The truth is, we were just drowning our miserable, depressing, boring lives. College is a time of youth, energy and vitality. What did we do? We wasted it.

There are three kinds of students in college.

  1. The brave ones – relentless and naive, but chose to charge head on. Most of them are jerks but I still commend them.
  2. The wimps – the ones who chose to study and shy away from reality because they couldn’t handle it. But they get the high paying jobs now.
  3. The wimps in denial - those who chose not to charge at life at all. And numbed the pain by drowning it in alcohol. In the next few years to come, they’ll bang their heads on the wall — to punish themselves for “not stepping up.”

Which were you? I was number three. I banged my head on the wall for the next few years. But that’s another story, back to Red Horse.

We gulped four to eight 500ml bottles of Red horse each day. (We get money by hacking gaming sites)

All our money were spent on bars. Looking, lusting at hot girls. While the “brave ones” approached them, we sucked into our vivid anguish.

Too embarrassing to continue. Moving on.

After college, I went on to live in California. The first day (even with jet lag and all), I gulped 20 cans of Budweiser. Surprisingly, I wasn’t even drunk yet. It wasn’t strong at all. Even the dreaded Corona (so they say) wasn’t strong. And NO hang-over in the morning. Absolutely nothing.

If you’ve “rode the horse”, you ain’t goin’ back.

Today, if you’d give me a bottle of red horse, I’d probably refuse. I’ve come to love the “no hang-over” effect of American beers. I won’t be able to handle the “kick of the horse” anymore. It’s been so long since I’ve had a hang-over. I don’t want to go back there again.

Sadly, I’ve become a wimp.


And Red Horse is still king.


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