Republic Act 616

7 PM

“6 hours.”, I answered.

The policeman asked me again, “What is the name and age of the child?”

With my head down I tried to speak again, “Cody Cabroza, age 7.”

“Last time you saw him?” , He asked.

I paused. A minute later I still can’t remember. My mind was somewhere else for the past few days. Maybe I have been ignoring my baby boy lately.

I then answered, “I was suppose to pick him up after school but an hour of waiting, he was nowhere to be found. All the parents and teachers that knew him doesn’t know anything. I don’t know where else to go! That’s why I called you guys, to bring back my Cody!”

“We will find him Ma’am, rest assured. Any ransom note or calls? I’m sorry to say that we can’t deny the possibility of a kidnapping.” , the policeman said.

I was not prepared to hear that at all. Why did God do all of this? I was a good Catholic all my life. I have been a good person and never harmed anyone. At that moment, I broke down and screamed, “Just kill me now! I can’t bear all of this anymore!”

I cried and cried some more. Didn’t know my tears can be that endless. Screaming at anyone in my house even the poor officers who came to help. “Cody! Come home!”, that’s all in my mind. I don’t even what happened next. I passed out.

8:01 PM

I woke up. Then got up quickly looking for my precious Cody. To my disappointment, he’s still not home. Speechless I was. Don’t know what to do anymore. Everyone was still worried about me and told me to calm down and rest. So I did. I just closed my eyes and prayed.

What I did was nothing new to me over these past few days. I had a breakdown earlier this week. Monday 3 am in the morning to be exact. My husband, my beloved Nick left our family that morning. His reasons are senseless and I just can’t understand no matter how hard I try to listen. I don’t know if there’s another woman or he grew tired of us. One thing’s for sure, 25 years of marriage gone down the drain. I even got down to my knees and begged him not to go. How pathetic can I be but I loved him so. My love is greater than my pride. And Cody needs him more than I do. To no avail, he still left us just like that. His mind was made up. At 3:30 am that morning, our family was no more. It was just me and Cody. I don’t even know how will I tell Cody his daddy is gone.

For the next few nights, I barely got up for work. Barely ate. Barely talked to Cody. All I did was crying every time I came home. All those sleepless nights, I think about what I have done wrong and what will the future lies for me and Cody. Why did God abandon our family? I was closer to insanity and death itself. The only thing kept me from all of these was my dear Cody. I can take all of this pain just for my child. Without him I am nothing. I will be strong for my Cody.

But this! This I can’t take! He took my husband and now my Child. What did I do to deserve all of this? How much can a woman take? Hysterical as I was, I grabbed the gun from one of the officers and pointed it to my head. I said to myself, hope is long gone. There is no God. I’m better off dead. Everyone was shocked to what I did. I never said a word. All I can see is death! I needed release. Release from this unthinkable torment!

8:36 PM

In the midst of the situation, the door bell rang. Diverted and thought it was Cody, I dropped the gun and the officers grabbed me before I can rush to the door. As soon as they have subdued me, they checked to see who’s in our front door. They opened it and Cody wasn’t there. Instead a man came. I don’t know who he was. But the officers seem to know and even gave him a salute. The officers let me go and I asked the man who he was. He smiled and said, “So your Cody’s mom?”.

Next thing I knew, Cody was running through the door and into my arms.

It’s a miracle! Indeed it was. I hugged him like I never did before. Words can never express what I felt that moment. I kissed him and kissed him some more. I looked at him as if he’s gone for all of my life. However Cody never spoke a word. All he did was smile at me.

Nothing can ever take me away from my baby again I said to myself! I felt sorry for what I said to God. To lose faith like that.

When I put him down Cody said, “Sorry Mom if left home and made you worry but I needed to something. Mr. Gorozpe will help you.”

“Help me?”, I asked.

“Yes Mommy. He will help you and everything will be just like before.” Cody answered me with great joy in his face.

I was stunned. The man stared at me and said. “I’m glad that the both of you are together again. May I sit down? I’ll tell you how I found you’re boy.”

9 PM

Now that the whole crisis is over and I finally tucked my Cody to bed. I came down and offered everyone coffee. Apologized for the all the crazy things I did. I kept  thanking them until they just told me stop being silly and just forget about it. Despite of all of this I still don’t know who Mr. Gorozpe is.

And so he started talking. To my surprise he is a congressman. I don’t vote or cared much for politics so I don’t know any politicians even if I see one. So I asked him how did he find my boy.

He said, “Mrs. Cabroza, I found him at my doorsteps around 6 pm. I don’t know how and why. My men insisted that I should talk to the boy since he’s kept asking for me only. I thought it was a son I never knew.”

He laughed and continued, “ He was polite and introduced himself. What he said, amazed me until now. He gave me a letter. I read and didn’t believe that a child has gone to all this trouble just for this request. I said to him, I’ll get on it as soon as I’m back at work tomorrow. Now we’re here and he’s back where he belongs. You must have been worried sick.”

He handed me the letter and I read it. I can’t help but cry again that night. He is truly God’s gift. I’ve never been so happy in my life. Finally I slept all my troubles away that night.

The next day,  I framed Cody’s letter and hanged it in my room. I can’t help but smile every time I see it.


Dear Mister Gorozpe,

You don’t know me but I see you all the time in TV. I need your help. I want to help my mom. I tried to write to a lawyer but he ignored me. So this time I want to give it myself. I decided to go to you since you are a lawmaker of our country. I’ve seen my mom and my dad fight all the time. I don’t understand why they need to fight. And why my mom cries all the time.  And now Daddy is gone, my mom is crying harder than before. I don’t want to see her cry again. Please make a law that will stop my Dad from hurting my mom. I love her so much. I want her to be happy.
Thank you Mr. Lawmaker,



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