Sirius the Star

One calm moonlit evening, a pack of wolves were having fun under the cool shade of the trees. Sirius, a wolf with the extremely black fur, along with the other wolves were playing tag.


“Awwoooo, you’re it,” said Walter, his best friend as he tagged Sirius.

Walter the Wolf was Sirius’ best friend when he was still a young pup. They had grown up together, played together and hunted together. Walter and Sirius were like blood brothers.

“Arghhhh,” growled Sirius. “Get back here Walter, I’ll catch you.”

Then he took off for his friend running as fast as he can to catch him. The night was filled with laughter and happy howls.

Rather than Walter, Sirius had finally caught up to one of his friends and managed to tag him.

“Awooooo, you’re it,” shouted Sirius enthusiastically.

The tagged wolf ran off for the other wolves and Sirius was left alone under the shade of the Apple tree.

Sirius stared up into the sky, it was perfectly clear, not a cloud in sight. The full moon, big, round and beautiful was high and bright, bathing the earth in a soft light. He envied the moon for its sheer elegance. Its silver glow shined majestically in the evening sky. The moon was the guiding star in the night sky.

When he was still a little pup, his mom had told him stories of the moon. Stories that told of how proud and happy, the moon was as it guided over the forest animals with its bright light as they journeyed through the woods. And every night he always gazed at the heavens wishing that he too would someday become a guiding light.

The night had cooled down and there was a light breeze. Sirius closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. It was so quiet and peaceful in the jungle when suddenly; the calmness of the evening was shattered by the sound of gunfire.

“BOOOMMM!” echoed the gun shot.

“AWOOOOOOOO,” cried a wolf.

The hunters had come and they were hunting the poor playful wolves. Sirius turned and took off deep into the forest. Sirius closed his eyes and breathed in deep. He was scared, for himself and for his friends. He looked back and saw a hunter aiming for his best friend. He didn’t hesitate and immediately ran towards him.

“Walter,” warned Sirius. “Get out.”

But it was too late, the hunter had pulled the trigger and the shot had been taken.        Sirius jumped as far as he could to catch the bullet.

“AWOOOOOO!!!!” yelped Sirius.

Sirius had been shot near his heart and he was bleeding badly.

“Sirius, get up, get up,” cried Walter his best friend. “Don’t die on me.”

The hunter got nearer and nearer to check on his wounded wolf. Walter, shocked and confused, grabbed Sirius and carried him on his back. Sirius was heavy but he owed him his life. Sirius had saved him.

Walter fastened his pace as the hunter got closer. Walter, although tired was desperately running but the exhaustion was killing him. He was losing hope when a shining stream of light descended from the heavens. Then and there Walter saw a cave nearby and headed for it.

Minutes later, Walter and Sirius had reached the cave and they were eventually safe.

“Thank you Walter for saving me,” whispered Sirius.

“Why did you have to take the bullet for me?” whimpered Walter. “Why Sirius? Why?”

“Because I love you Walter. You’re like my brother already and I couldn’t take it if I lose you,” reasoned Sirius.

“Walter, take me outside the cave. I want to see the moon,” requested Sirius.

Sobbingly, Walter carried Sirius outside to see the magnificent moon. When they were already outside, Sirius looked up into the sky and tilted back his head and let out an anguished howl. Walter joining in and the sound of their celebration of life echoed through the forest.

“AWOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” howled the two.

“I love you my brother,” was Sirius last words as he stared up into the sky, asking the stars above to guide him to the heavens.

“I love you too brother,” cried Walter as the tears finally flowed down his face.

Sirius was dead.


Meanwhile, up in the sky, a star was born. Along with the Moon, the new star shined brightly as it guided the forest animals with its newfound light.


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  • Louise Mariz Jamero

    luoya sa wolf :(

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    what a wonderful friendship shared by two wolves.:)

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    oo mana kog comment ^^

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  • apol

    wahahahaha. zion! :D

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    sad ending. T.T

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    kawaisou :(

  • kidlat

    this is a display of true friendship. i still hope that this kind of friendship still exists in this world.