Speak Up, True Freedom Appears when You’re Real.

Nowadays, people have this insatiable desire to be heard, to be known and to be identified.  In most parts of the world, freedom of expression is as necessary as the air we breathe.  People dress the way they want to with the intention of “expressing themselves.”  People write what they want with conviction and confidence.  Some even get killed because of it.  People do as they please as a megaphone to the whole world of who they are.  No reservations.

While it is highly acceptable and encouraged in our society today to express ourselves, there is still a huge part of ourselves that we conceal- that which we do not desire to be made known to the public.  Some declare that wearing black from head to toe is just their thing.  It’s a style, a self-expression.  But it’s almost never will you hear from them that they are devastated by a broken family, divorced parents, or absentee dads.  While they shout to the world the person they claim to be, their inmost being is very well hidden.

We all do that.  We only give off what we have decided for the world to know.  And we reserve to ourselves some details.  But there always comes a point when we need to reveal what is unknown to the world.  Whether we like it or not, we face circumstances when we are left with no other option but to just speak out.  As the walls within us start to break leaving us more vulnerable, we have last-minute change of minds.  But as we decide to truly embrace that freedom to express and expose the real thing, we will experience a great weight being lifted from us.

After all, it doesn’t really hurt to speak.  It’s not really that harmful to let go and just be, because indeed, true freedom is when we’re real.


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Stella is an aspiring writer. A mom working a fulltime job, but still finds time to write. Update: I'm unemployed right now, taking a break. Spending a lot of time with my loving family. I'm so happy.

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