How to Stay Up All Night

Sleep heals the body. It’s the time for our body to repair itself and regain energy. But sometimes, on crucial times, there’s an absolute need to stay up all night.


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Without enough rest, you cannot do things you’d normally do (like moving, talking, and walking). Most people need more than seven hours of sleep a night. But some people endure staying up all night because of work, hanging out with friends or computer games.  So I guess, there are times when it’s okay to deprive yourself of sleep.


How do they do it? Here are some ways on how you can stay up all night:


Coffee – the sure thing.

Caffeine, wonderful caffeine… Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system to stay awake. Coffee is popular because it has one of the psychoactive substances that are not regulated and is legal in the whole world.


Stay away from the bedroom.

A great advice if you need to stay up all night is, to stay away from the bedroom. Your brain automatically associates your bed with sleeping. This is the reason why most of the time, your body practically shuts down if you are in your bedroom.


Take a short a walk.

Taking a 25-20 minute stroll outside for fresh night air will help. Most likely, blood circulation from walking will wipe off your drowsiness. You will feel more alert when you get back. But don’t overdo the walking, or else you’ll tire yourself out and will make you crave rest even more.


Create an external stimulus.

Turning on the television or listening to upbeat or loud music,will help you avoid falling asleep. This leads to some excitement or interest in your brain. It can create distractions to divert you from drowsiness. Avoid listening to melodic and slow love songs that can make you feel sleepy.


Will power.

This is given. If you are doing something stimulating like partying, having fun with friends or xmas/new year time with family, then you don’t need much help staying up. The brain is having fun, and the last thing it wants to do, is sleep.

But for times when you absolutely have to force yourself to stay awake … like when you have something that  desperately needs to be done, like assignments, projects, essays, work, crying baby, etc. — you will need the will power and determination to keep your mind open and stay awake.


Staying up all night is necessary only if you have something important to do or for crucial matters. It’s not good to force yourself to stay up every night because your body needs to regenerate. Sleeping is the most essential way of regaining and producing energy. Lack of sleep will really weaken your mind and body, and hinder yourself of your full potential.



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