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Floyd Mayweather Won $3 million Bet

The rich keep getting richer. Floyd Mayweather bet $3 million on the highly anticipated college football game this weekend – Alabama Crimson Tide vs Michigan Wolverines.     There was so much hype around the week 1 matchup between the No. 2 ranked… Read More…


Worldwide Reactions, Tweets and Comments from Pacquiao/Bradley Travesty

On the crazy uproar of an aftermath — otherwise known as the Pacquiao vs Bradley debacle — a worldwide eruption has scorch the living hell out of this planet.     People have plenty to say. The Internet exploded. Worldwide reactions… Read More…


Why Insist Basketball if You’re Short?

Basketball is our sport. It’s a Filipino thing. It’s in our DNA. On paper, our national sport is Sepak Takraw — but let’s get serious… Have you ever played Sepak Takraw? Huh? Even once? No, right? See? Now, on a… Read More…