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I Got Caught with my Pants Down

College days…   College was fun. I couldn’t remember most of it — I think I may have had WAYYY too much fun. But I remember this one epic adventure I had… I got caught in the girl’s dorm with my… Read More…


Red Horse is King and I’m still a Wimp.

College was fun! But I only remember bits and pieces of it. Because apparently, the biggest requirement of fun is — alcohol! Which means, “drunk is fun– and sober is boring.” Ergo, I had a blast! Getting wasted means you had… Read More…


“Hey honey, I got so drunk last night, I woke up in Boracay this morning”

Every time I go back to the Philippines for a vacation, I always go straight to my relatives in the Visayas region. It is after all, where the best beaches are.   One time, I got so drunk, I woke up… Read More…