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How to Make Money Writing Naughty Stories (Yes, Even You Can Do It)

She gasped as she felt another sweet rush of sensation spread down her toes, making each digit curl in pleasure.  Her body was cold a while ago, but she felt like she was on fire now. The strips of pleasure went… Read More…


5 Secrets Successful Online Writers Are Hiding from You

More and more people are turning to freelance writing as a way of earning extra income. Most newbie writers are hopeful but easily get intimidated when faced with their first writing assignment. This article will help you get over that!     As a budding freelance writer, I… Read More…

Young Couple In Loving Embrace

3 Lessons Learned from Writing Erotic Stories

If you clicked on this post because of the word “erotic,” that’s fine. But you have to read my story first. The Story (No. It’s not an erotic one.)     When I first started out freelance writing, I only… Read More…