Why Things Never Work Out

Things never work out! We never get want we want.

- My mom sent my ass to college — that didn’t work out.

I instead played video games all throughout — that was completely useless.

Well, that might have worked out a little bit. The addiction for online gaming led me to hacking a few sites, earned quite a bit. Then as fast as those games spurted out, they all ended faster than I can say, “What’s for dinner, mom!” So that thing didn’t work out too.

- I had a rich, hot girlfriend in college. Sounds perfect? She turned out to be a psycho. Watching my every move, she choked me to death! I couldn’t talk to other women, I couldn’t look at other women. She was a psycho — that didn’t work out too well. (thank God I didn’t get her pregnant)

- I thought I would be fine without education — so I dropped out of college… Then I suffered through the bitchiest of job ever. So that didn’t work out either.

- I’ve worked with the most annoying, the worst backstabbing creatures… I call them my co-workers. We had a lot of shouting match-ups — that didn’t work out well.

- Back in grade school, I was actually doing fine. Getting high grades and all. Then my mom forced me to get higher grades… So that obviously didn’t work out. I flunked all my subjects just to prove she couldn’t control me.

- I wanted to be a game tester. You know… those people who get paid to test out games. (Do those even exist?) I applied for a couple, but soon learned those jobs are myths. Well, it probably was. So that lazy dream job didn’t work out.

- The same deal happened when I went to a web programming school. Jobs worth $500 were taken by Indian outsourcing companies for $30 or less. Cool. That didn’t work out.

- I’ve got seven failed websites last year alone — didn’t work out as much as I thought it would.

- I joined an expensive kickboxing gym. I thought it would make these extra blob on my gut disappear. But I learned the more tired, fatigue and beat up I get — the more I eat. It obviously didn’t work out. I get punched in the face — so to sooth my pain, I eat a whole lot more.

- I originally planned to have my first kid in 2014 — it didn’t work out. Me too horny — now wife is preggy.

- I always wanted a house. Didn’t really have much discipline to save for a down payment – that didn’t work out. Period.

- My boss is a jerk (well, all bosses are) – So it’s not working out!


My point is, life doesn’t work out as much as we wanted to…  But that’s the beauty of it! It’s part of the grand design!

If it was that easy in the first place, then everybody would be a successful gazillionaire by now. The currency value would go down and the economy would be ruined.

Everybody would have so much toys, so much cars, so much stuff. Nobody would get out of their houses (no need to). Nobody would work anymore — Everybody would be weak. Nobody would feel no pain, no suffering, no disappointments, no failures — everybody would stay weak.

If we had everything gone our way, we would become helpless, immature, spoiled brats, wouldn’t we?

People would be selfish, immature, weak creatures. No hardships, no tests, no scars, no bleeding, no pain — the human race will be doomed before it even started.

Now that I think about it, most things don’t work out because it makes things work out in the end. I’ll say it again, most things don’t work out because it makes things work out in the end. We do have to go through all the crappy pain, hardship and suffering… So life can toughen us up.

All those pain, failures, heartbreaks happened to make us stronger. And once we get stronger, then everything starts working for us.


So start now. Start doing things the “never works out.” Fail, suffer — learn.

Do as much of it as you can, because it is necessary to make things work out for you in the end.



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