The 10 Most Annoying People in the Gym

Ever been to a gym? Probably. I know most of us (at one point in our lives) got tired of looking (at those excess flab) in the mirror. So yeah, “gym experiment” was the solution.



And if you’re one of those who’s always had a perfectly fit body, and never had the need for gyms, then shut up. I’m jealous of you.

Anyhow, once you’ve been working out for a while, you notice things. You notice a lot of things… some good (like a hot sexy girl), some bad (like a stinky bathroom), but for the most part, I’m gonna describe down below.


Here are the 10 most annoying personalities in the gym


1. The Man in the Mirror.


From the moment he walks into the gym…

  • He checks the mirror before he heads down the locker room.
  • Then he checks the mirror before he changes into his gym clothes.
  • Then he checks the mirror after he changes.
  • Then he checks the mirror before he chats with a few of his buddies.
  • Then he checks the mirror before getting ready for the workout.
  • Then he hugs the mirror all throughout the work out.
  • Then after the workout, he checks the…

Do you see where I’m going with this? This is the mirror man.

We get it, you love your body that much. But yeah, it’s annoying.


2. The Circus Freak


What happened to working out like a normal person? Some people over-experiment to crazy acrobatic moves just to show they are taking this more seriously than others. Oh well.


3. The Dumb-bell Rack-Hugger.


You know the type. The ones that sit in front of the weight racks (in front of the mirrors) and hugs that space like there’s no tomorrow. Which makes it impossible for other gym people to use the dumbbells.


4. The Grunter /Shouter.


Everytime he lifts weights, he shouts a LOUD grunt, making sure everybody in the entire gym (or the entire neighborhood) hears his grunts– making it known he’s lifting heavier loads than everybody else.


5. The Boxer/UFC Guy.


props: Orange County muay thai


The shadow boxer. He screams and grunts like he’s actually hitting somebody. He uses shadowboxing for warm ups and cardio. My gym has no boxing equipment, nor does it actually have space for that.

So yeah, why not do it in a real boxing/mma gym? Where you get people to actually kick your butt? Instead of showing off how you actually know how to punch and kick.

Wait, punching and kicking in the gym is actually an aerobics exercise. We call it taebo. :)


6. The Office Suit Workout.



The guy who doesn’t even bother to bring actual gym clothes. He works out in his office pant and formal shoes. And maybe uses the same clothes for work tomorrow. Eww.


7. The Girl in Sexy Outfit who doesn’t wanna get looked at.



One perks of gyms are, there are actually tons of hot chicks in there! That is, if you actually go into an expensive one. Not the kind of cheap-ass gym overloaded with disgusting male testosterone.

But bear with me on this one… you are a hot girl, you wear super sexy outfit, where you know people won’t be able to stop looking at you— yet when I actually look at you (working out so hot and sexy), you flash back a stern stare of disgust at me. Shucks, why? I don’t get it.

You look at me like I’m some sort of a perv. OMG, wear some damn clothes then! Don’t go working out wearing barely nothing!


8. The all-around expert.


Awkward moment: The annoying skinny guy is approaching you. The guy who barely works out, yet pretends to know everything.


He roams the place, looking for people to talk to. He approaches you while you’re busy working your own thing, then checks you with a few pointers (on what you’re doing wrong).

He’s basically the guy roaming the gym, correcting everybody on how to workout. Annoying.


9. The Talker.



He goes to the gym to talk. He talks! That’s all he does. He doesn’t go to the gym to workout, instead, he goes there to chat with his buddies. And they are LOUD too. He feels the gym is his home, and after a few hours, he ends up NOT working out at all. Not even a sweat. But he sure hell has told his life-freaking-story to everybody by then.

Gosh, we have a place called a cafe or a bar to engage conversation with your buddies. Duh.


10. The Guy who Hits on every Girl in the Gym



There’s always this douche who uses gyms to hit on women. This is a gym, dammit! Not some shark infested bar that has young girls for prey, sheesh.


So there you go. I’m just saying what’s on everybody’s mind. Is there anything you wanna add? Or are you one of the described ones? :) Don’t get offended, this is just for fun. :)





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  • Macen

    Every dating guru out there actually advises on meeting girls in gyms, just got to be classy about it. You sound like someone who has no idea how to meet a girl outside of class, mutual friends, or some other context where risk of rejection is low. I do agree with the hot girl in tight clothes that “hates getting looks”.

    • Joe Sharp

      Most girls don’t want to get hit on in the gym. It makes it awkward for them to go back.

      • Rich


  • Joe Sharp

    The caption for number eight had me lol’ing.