The Difference between the Strong and the Weak.


There once were a pair of identical twin brothers whose differences were so astounding — but their story is amazing.

One brother graduated top of his class, from a top university. Went on to build a fortune 500 company and lived a perfect life. Rich beyond his wildest dreams, he had a beautiful wife, big house and happy children. The kids grew up to be successful too.

Upon his retirement, an eager journalist went on to interview him. The journalist was shocked to find out this man had a long lost twin brother. Intrigued, the journalist went on to find the twin.

The other twin was finally found along the streets. Homeless, a crack addict and an alcoholic. Curious to find out, the journalist asked, “how did you end up this way?”

It was a simple bleak answer, “My dad was an alcoholic.”

An eerie chill went through the journalist as he remembered asking the rich brother an bizarrely similar question.

“What is the secret to your success?”

“Simple. My dad was an alcoholic… He treated us bad. Our family was a wreck. It motivated me to work hard and treat my family better.”

It’s astounding how two people can be so similar, even shared the same womb, the same birthday, the same childhood room, even looked the same — can be hugely different. Even be lightyears apart.

One man’s destruction is another man’s motivation for success.

The weak bows down to roadblocks and use it as an excuse to settle for less. While the strong overcomes all challenges — and not let anything get in the way of him achieving success.

We all have hindrances and roadblocks; We were born poor, our parents treated us badly, we are physically weaker than other people, blah blah. But it’s time to put all those behind us. We must not let anything stop us from where we want to go. Time to wrap all our roadblocks inside a box in our minds and throw it away!

Time to live anew! Time to stand up and conquer life!


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You've been had. You've been blind. You've been asleep. You've been bound. You are a prisoner. Now wake up! Smell freedom! Engulf yourself in the beauty of nature! Be free! For the first time, stop listening to others and DO WHAT YOU WANT! Be free, my friend. Soar and be free.

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  • Felina Fernandez

    nice one! ;’)