The Fear of Failure – School made you Dumber.

“If you don’t know the answer, then you are a Failure” – a motto all throughout your school life.

We were born fearless, brave, resolute. We speak our minds, we are brash with our words. “Kids say the darndest things” – so they say. No fear of the outcome, our only goal is to experiment, and learn to the fullest!

Little Dave was in 2nd grade. He took a quiz and didn’t know what the word “pores” meant. He opened his handy textbook to look up the word “pores”.

“Dave’s cheating! Dave’s cheating!”, his classmates yelled.

The teacher, flabbergasted by the act of cheating, sent poor little Dave to detention. His parents were called and were told of his “horrendous act”.

Why did you do it, little Dave?”, his concerned mother asked.

Because I didn’t know what “pores” meant so I looked it up my book. Don’t we learn with books?”, Little Dave inquired.

The adults went speechless for a second but finally mustered a brash reasoning.

But you need to study first before the test. So you should already know the answers before taking a test.”

But last week, our lesson was about Thomas Jefferson. How he learned from his mistakes. He made 1,000 mistakes before he invented the light bulb. How can I learn when the teacher fails me every time I’m wrong?”

The adults were flabbergasted. Ashamed of themselves, they bought little Dave ice cream on the way home.

But it was too late. Something inside was planted with that experience – a rotten seed. A seed called, “the concept of failure”. From there on then, little Dave was so afraid of making mistakes that it crushed his learning process all throughout.

Studying for tests becomes a simple notion of memorizing the textbook – “memorizing the correct answer” temporarily until a new test arrives. The problem with this method is the short-term, “temporary” learning curve. Memorizing an answer has an “expiration date”. After a test has been taken, those “memorized answers” expire and replaced by a new set of memorized answers.

We all went through that. We were born fearless.

  • We pinched ourselves with a needle and learned to be careful the next time.
  • We put sand in our mouths and learned how dreadful it is.
  • We touched a hot frying pan and learned to be more, more, more careful.
  • We did all kinds of crazy stunts in the pool until we learned how to properly swim – or at least float.

We learned!

Yet somewhere along the line, we got stumped by our “school’s learning protocol”. School taught us the concept of failure.

The most successful men are the ones not afraid of being wrong. The ones trying new things all the time. Fearless.

  • Donald Trump and Warren Buffet took business tactics to a whole new level. Always trying out new approaches. Fearless.
  • So too are the likes of Bill Gates, Larry Page (google), Mark Cuban. Everyone laughed at them for trying out this “new concept” in the internet world. Only “they” saw how big the internet was going to get.

While every other businessmen stayed with the traditional way of approaching business and investments, the successful ones “thought outside the box”, kicked fear to the curve and conquered life.




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