The Kissing Scene (things you didn’t know about kissing)

Kissing. Ewww. Sometimes it can be messy (borderline nasty), but it can also make our hearts fly.



Here are a few facts you didn’t know about kissing.


- You are unique –just like every other human out there The human lips are different from all other animal because they are turned outward or everted.

 But we are not the only species to engage in kissing behaviors. Parrots, apes and parrot fish, to say a few, press lips or “lock lips” together to express excitement, affection, or show domination.

-  The Roman empire introduced kissing to many cultures. And later, it was European explorers who continued the custom.



-  Kissing helps our noses and other senses, assess compatibility. In a study, evolutionary biologists from the University of Switzerland reported that women like the scents of men whose immunity-coding genes differ from their own. Mixing genes that should produce offsprings with stronger immune system.

 That same Swiss experiment experiment, widely known as the “sweaty T-shirt study,” where female participant were asked to smell different males.

 Love Is “thee” Drug: Dopamine is a neurotransmitter linked with feelings of desire and cravings, gets a boost from kissing. This explains why a kiss with somebody new feels so special.

- Falling in love. In some cases, a hit of dopamine causes a loss of appetite, sleep and butterfly in the stomach– This is what we call falling in love. Dopamine causes that.

-  Can’t Get Enough of Your Love: Dopamine is produced in the ventral tegmental area of the brain, the same region affected by addictive drugs like cocaine.



-  Kissing is healthy. Kissing reduces cortisol (a hormone that causes stress), thereby lowering blood pressure and strengthening immune response.

-  And a passionate kiss has the same effect as “beautiful view” dilates our pupils.

-  The neck-breaker. Majority of people tilt their heads to the right, right before kissing, according to psychologists at University Bochum in Germany. This behavior is first conceived from the head-turning preference observed in babies and fetuses.

-  Evolutionary psychologists discovered that men more likely prefer sloppy, wet tongue kisses than women.

-  Saliva ewww. Saliva exchange provides a sexual advantage for men. During a sloppy kiss, a man passes testosterone to the female. Overtime, repeated kissing enhances a female’s libido, making her more acceptive to sex.

-  Always brush your teeth, guys. Evolutionary psychologists at the State University of New York,  found that when deciding whether to kiss someone, girls pay more attention to the breath and teeth of the men.

And finally, “the nasty habit.” One milliliter of saliva contains about 100,000,000 bacteria! Eww! Happy kissing guys!!



So what do you think about kissing now? Leave comments, guys! Thanks!


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