The Love Letter

Suddenly, I wanted to experience what it feels like to receive a letter from a person who likes you. I want to meet a person who still believed in the old way of confessing their love. Sometimes, it saddens me that people nowadays take love for granted.


With the new technology, confessing love is easy as one two three. Not meant sometimes, even. So now, I’m posting a letter I made about an imaginary guy confessing to a girl he loved. I don’t’ know why but I just wanted to. I guess, I’m really a sucker for love. Hope you’d enjoy reading and I hope I’ll somehow make you feel the love that I’m feeling inside. Enjoy!



Dear Grace,

                Are you fine? Did you eat already? I hope you still didn’t because it might gross you out that I wrote a letter about love. I’m about to puke myself, but please bear with me. I had no one to tell this feeling about. It is urgent that I tell you this or else, this feeling will explode in a minute or two. Considering that what I have is a girl problem, I figured that I must tell it to a girl too. You’re a girl and I’ve known you for so long. We’ve been friends for so long. So, you’re the perfect listener.  So please, lend me your eyes and heart will you?  I’ll start okay?

                Well, you know her. We go to the same school. We see her everyday. She’s pretty, she’s tall, and she’s perfect. She has everything a guy could ask for in a girl. Her name is Alyssa and I loved her from the very first day that I knew her. Since then, I made up my mind that I should court her or else, I’ll never be complete. But basically, I didn’t make a move with her because I was still young and she was still young. Besides, I want to make things perfect for us. I want her to be happy with me. I want her to feel special. I want everything good for her.

                We started off as friends. We communicate often. We talk on the phone and talked in school. That’s where I’ve been when you needed me and I was nowhere to be found, in case you’re wondering. Anyways, we became close friends and I felt that she liked me back. Didn’t I tell you that I bought and gave her a bunch of roses for her birthday? Yeah, I did. Now, you know that I’m so romantic despite the “cold guy” façade I always show at school.

                When I finally decided to tell her how I felt for her, she turned me down and laughed at me as if it was some kind of a joke. She broke my heart that day. I was devastated and hurt. I was miserable. That’s when I got angry at you for no apparent reason. I’m telling you now, I’m sorry. I am so sorry and I thank you for staying my friend despite what I did.

                Anyways, I’m still in love, not with Alyssa but with another girl. I realized just now that I didn’t love her. She was just a product of infatuation, a product of first love. But now, I’m older, more mature and my perception of love grew up with me. Do you want to know who the girl I’m truly in love with? She is the girl who stayed with me no matter what. She is the only girl I consult to whenever I get headaches about how to make Alyssa happy. She is the girl who first hears the songs I write for Alyssa. She is the girl I always talk to whenever I just want someone to talk to. She is the girl I’d willingly get into a fight for. She is the girl who makes me smile because of her randomness. She is the girl reading this letter now.  She is the one I love. You’re reading this letter, aren’t you Grace? So, that makes you the girl I truly love. I love you Grace.

                You’re not pretty; you’re beautiful and stop asking your friends about it. You should ask me and I’ll gladly enumerate the reason why you’re beautiful. You have a beauty that won’t perish till we die Grace.

                Did you receive the bouquets of yellow roses in front of your door? I’m sure it flooded your front door considering that I filled it with the roses. Tell your mom I am sorry. So, yes. I was the one who planted them and cared for them and sent them to your door step. I hoped you loved them. Another thing that I have to admit is that I thought of you when I wrote those songs for Alyssa. I didn’t know why and I thought it was funny at first but now, I understood.

                I know you just see me as a friend but I hope you could give me a chance.

                I love you Grace. I always did and I’ll always do. I hope I didn’t gross you out.



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I love to write about anything but what I'm really good at writing about is love. I think love touches the softest parts of us in any way possible and leave us as new people.

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