The most overrated 2012 New Year Resolution.

And the most overrated New Year resolution is… To hit the gym and lose weight!


Don’t we all? We feel guilty for overeating through the holidays.

I call the holidays, “the fattening season.”

So how do we feel right after the holidays? We feel like crap (hung over) — but more importantly, we feel bad everytime we look in the mirror.

Why, why, why? You say. Why did it happen again! You promised last year you won’t overeat… ever again — yet this tasty holiday season subdued you like a helpless, cute, little sick puppy… again.


Do you know what month gym memberships skyrocket? That’s right, January. January is the “guilt” month. Everybody signs up to gyms — And they tie you up for a whole year, again.

And everyone stops, forgets, or cheats on their “fitness for a new year” resolution — faster than you can spell F-e-b-r-u-a-r-y.

And come March, you have completely and thoroughly forgotten your “fit for 2012″ resolution. Yes, you did.


Resolutions are temporary.

They’re not supposed to be, but New Year resolutions are temporary. That’s why I call new year resolutions — broken promises.

You never come through, do you?



Forget the old and start with the new.

Change is constant. It happens every year. Or everyday for that matter. You need to forcefully and thoroughly forget all your past hang-ups. It’s hard, I know. But keep the good ones, and decimate all the bad past memories.


If you keep thinking about how poor you are, or life is hard or the job sucks in 2011 — then the cycle will continue. Your subconscious will linger on the bad stuff — attracting more bad stuff. It’s a nasty habit. Cut it out.


But if you “only,” and I mean “exclusively” think only about now and the future, and all the great things you’re gonna do in it — then your subconscious will attract it. The universe is here to help us people. It is our martyr helpers. The universe will do everything in it’s power to help us.


The universe aligns and gives us what we mostly think about.

If we only think about pain and suffering (we had in the the past) — the universe will attract you more pain and suffering. Because, somehow in a twisted way, you live for negative and bitter thoughts. Bickering, whining and complaining about stuff, seem to relax you. That’s how you un-stress yourself.

That’s a sick and nasty habit. Cut it out.


Think about good things. Make it a habit. Force it! Your mind will fight (as you’ve accustomed bickering and whining, as your main defense mechanism all your life), but imprint in your mind that “change” has come and you will think and attract only good things.

Being born, being given the most precious and most powerful element in the universe… life — gives you the right to be happy. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be rich. You deserve to be successful. You’ve been putting yourself down for so long, time for change, time to increase that self worth and tell yourself, – I will be happy, healthy and wealthy.


Ever wonder why people who hang around with criminals, turn out to be criminals eventually? And people who sticks with rich, eventually wound up successful too?

That’s because they become what they always think about. The rich always “only” think about success. And that’s all they attract.

While if you hang out with bitter, whiny people — that’s all you’ll attract too — bickering, whining and complaining — all the negative stuff.


This is a new year. New life, new opportunities.

Let’s say, for this year, all you want is, to be happy, healthy and wealthy. Then by God, just say happy, healthy and wealthy over and over again.

Try this — for this month alone, every single day, say “happy, healthy and wealthy… happy, healthy and wealthy… happy, healthy and wealthy…”

Repeat over and over again. Then repeat it again. Your life will change, drastically.


When all you think about is being happy, healthy and wealthy — then that’s what you’re going to attract.

Stop hanging out with negative people and stop thinking about negative thoughts. Your job sucks? Bills are stacking up? Life sucks? Don’t mind it. Everytime a negative thought creeps in, say “happy, healthy and wealthy… happy, healthy and wealthy… “ over and over again.


Your life will change. You’ll be successful. Trust me.

Happy new year!



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