The Original “Jumper” Was a Filipino: A Tale of 16th Century Teleportation

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just will yourself to be in Paris, London, or wherever you want? 


In 2008, Hayden Christensen starred in a sci-fi movie playing David, a young guy who “jumps” or teleports all over the world at will. He gets by life raiding banks while never missing the chance to seduce girls from different parts of the globe.



Teleportation fascinates many people. The idea of breaking the laws of physics and ignoring location limitations appeals to almost everyone.

Who wouldn’t want to go to a favorite vacation spot or any other favorite destination by simply willing it?

Books, television programs and movies take advantage of this fascination by providing entertaining stories and plot twists to explain the how’s and why’s of teleportation.


Needless to say, this whole sci-fi extravaganza surrounding teleportation also attracts Filipinos. Little does anyone know that what could be the first ever-recorded event of teleportation involved a Filipino.


The story goes…

It was on the 24th of October, 1953, when a Filipino soldier guarding the Governor’s palace in Manila, Philippines, tired from the unfortunate events the day before (the governor general of Manila, Gomez Perez Dasmarinas,  was assassinated by Chinese pirates), decided to close his eyes and leaned against a wall to rest. Although he was still determined to do his duties, he was exhausted. Soon enough, he fell into a light sleep.

After a while, strange noises woke him up. He opened his eyes. What he saw were unfamiliar surroundings. People spoke fluent Spanish with an accent different from what he was used to.

But being the good Guardia Civil that he was, and unsure of what to do, he continued to do his duty and guarded a palace he just saw for the first time. Looking lost and looking different as he was wearing a different set of uniform from the other guards, someone approached him and began asking him questions.

Thankfully, he understood Spanish and soon he found out where he was.

He, Gil Perez, a Filipino Guardia Civil, was at the Plaza Mayor… in Mexico City.

Questions were asked and Gil Perez told them how Governor Dasmarinas was killed just yesterday. No one believed him at first. There were still no phones or email to get quick confirmation of this information.

He was jailed for as authorities of Mexico City saw him as either an evil magician or a deserter to the Crown. But then after 2 months in jail, a ship arrived from the Philippines, bringing news of the death of the Islands’ governor on October 23. They also confirmed that they knew who Gil Perez was and were surprised to see him in a Mexican jail.

Everyone was amazed and mystified but no one knew how to explain what happened.

Gil Perez was released and sent back to the Philippines.  Legend says he continued to be a Guardia civil and had no other teleportation events.



What’s Your Take?

It’s a fanciful story. And while it’s great to imagine such things can happen, no one can really prove that Gil Perez really teleported to Mexico. Frankly, I’d love a power like this. No more motion sickness to worry about when traveling!

But do you think it’s true?




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  • Dave

    I wouldn’t mind getting teleported to Cancun, Cabo or Tijuana right about now. I need a vacation!

    • Glori | Crazy Introvert

      LOL Dave! aren’t you afraid you’d get caught with your pants down again?

      • Dave

        Wifey stays home. I’m single today :P