The Simple Skin Care Guide Every Girl (and Even Guy) Must Read

Living in a tropical country like the Philippines means a lot of fun things can happen. Sometimes though, the heat can get to us and our skin. In the recent years, however, Mother Nature has become unpredictable and acts up by giving us plenty of sunshine when it’s suppose to be the rainy season and vice versa.



So as much as we (or most of us) pride our natural tan, we still need to make sure that we give the largest organ of our body all the love and protection it deserves when She of the Earth decides to give us a big whopping dose of UV rays.


Here are five simple things you can do to make your skin fabulous!


Drink plenty of water

Although this advise has been used over and over again, there is a reason for it: You really need it and it works! Summer always leads us to dehydrate fast, and we need to replenish our body’s water in order to cope with the heat. The warm atmosphere also dries the skin, and the end result of this isn’t really pretty. Always have a bottle of water with you during this season.



Eat healthy

Eating healthy can also help you have great skin, not just for the summer but whole year round. The condition of your skin will generally reflect what you eat or drink, so eating junk foods all the time isn’t going to do you any good. Sodas and alcoholic beverages should also be drunk minimally. Drink water instead. Not only does this help your skin, it aids in good digestion too.




Moisturize your skin regularly. While drinking water helps keep your skin from drying, moisturizing keeps it smooth and soft. Use a good moisturizer after a bath or shower while your body is still damp. This way, the moisturizer will lock in the moisture in your skin.



Wear light-colored clothes

Wear light-colored clothes during the summer so you can “deflect” the sun’s rays. This summer skin care tip can help you avoid being the boiling pot of the sun’s heat as its rays are mostly absorbed by dark colors. Wear loose and light-colored clothes will also make you more comfortable during the hot summer, not to mention the opportunity to engage in some summer fashion.




Protect thyself

Use umbrellas, hats, and just cover yourself when it gets too hot. I know that the urge to tan may be difficult to overcome, but the sun’s rays can prove harmful than helpful in helping you achieve a beautiful look. Apply sunscreen with SPF 50+ or more at least 20 minutes before going out and use lip balm for your lips. Remember to protect yourself from too much sun as this could lead to skin cancer.



Your Turn!

Now that you know some simple summer skin care tips that would not cost you a dime, be sure to share it with your friends and family so you can enjoy our tropical climate even better, and without the bad skin!


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