The Two Kinds of Professors

Higher education in its deepest sense had indeed evolved. The military times that students must mandatorily obey their instructors; the times when the students have to really prepare their classes for the next day; those days were long gone.

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Let me tell you about the foundation of a college institution, those that are rooted from the walls of an academe; the so-called professors.


The Patriotic Professors, those that are responsible and patient enough to hold and teach a class for one and a half hour, basically just doing their job.

These professors don’t just operate for salary-sake because they apply in this, some kind of principle. However, these traits are hated by the students. The simple thought of having a professor that is so dedicated that he can hardly make absences will make a student cringe. And that’s not all; Patriotic Professors may be close enough to being heroes; they have the ability to kill their students with non-stop exercises or activities as if they were breeding robots.


It may be hard to admit but students really like professors that hardly manage to attend their classes.

Who would say no to free time anyway? This is when the Casper-like Professors enter, they are so hardworking that they rarely make time to teach, with their ability to enter their classes whenever they want and “teach” whatever they want.

They are the ones who, we, students like simply because we don’t feel being pressured to attend their classes. However, the downfall of having Casper-like Professors is felt at the end of the semester, when they, surprisingly, give an exam which they haven’t even lectured. The art of cramming as they say. These Professors, honestly speaking, don’t even have the dedication and the heart to put in a class which ironically. they just do for salary-sake.

Students and Professors are in different leagues, they actually do not understand each other. Backstabbing is the best definition. One can never love a Professor without hating what he teaches. We can never confront them of the things we like and what we don’t because we always see them as a professor. That is why both ends do not meet.



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    Reminds me of a professor who gave me an F