There has Got to be more…

We all go through certain kinds of misery in our life. The feeling of being alone, abandoned, worthless, and hopeless is not uncommon. We think we’ve gone through all possible troubles anyone could ever imagine. We think we’ve just had enough.


Is this all there is in this life?

We struggle for more than half of our life trying to learn everything needed to live. We jail ourselves in the world we created- work, all sorts of relationships, goals. We hope to see ourselves content with the fruits of hard work in all those years. It’s funny how we saved up and prepared for the last years of our life, only to spend it struggling from an illness and a new batch of pure hardships. We struggle from another phase of seeking for answers. Have I lived my life well? And in the process, we still end up frustrated, incomplete, empty.


Nobody promised that living this life would be easy. Nobody claimed that the 70, 80 years of our lifetime would be a bed of roses.


If life is nothing but pure misery, what is there to be hopeful for?


Problems can only affect us to the extent that we allow it to. Zooming in to every suffering makes us blind from everything else- things that we ought to be thankful for.  We ignore the fact that we’re still breathing.  We overlook the fact that each day we’re given a chance to make our life better.


Trials in life are there for a reason.  Though things seem illogical at times, there is a bigger picture that is far more important than the most depressing things we endure.  It may be way beyond our understanding.  We may try to rationalize and soon conclude that there can never be any good in this,  but as we decide to trust and wait at the end of it all — it will all be revealed.


And for the meantime, that is something worth hold on to and to be hopeful for. Because in the end – if you decide to take on the challenge, to fight on – everything will turn out great.

Dean Castro

About Dean Castro

A depressed call center agent by day, happy writer by night. Who knew?

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