They’re not evil, they’re just Bipolar

There’s a good chance, that difficult coworker who’s always pissing everybody off, has bipolar disorder. They can’t help it, they’re not evil, they’re just insane.


 Picture: Bipolar, it’s either you’re hot or cold. Good or bad. Happy or angry… no in between! No neutral feelings. It’s either you’re laughing or lashing out to your coworkers.


I figured I’d write about bipolar because of this cursed coworker I have that’s making my life a living hell. They say he’s suffering from bipolar disorder, that’s why he acts insane. Sure, that’s his excuse.

So I researched this disease and what can be done about it. Oddly enough, they need mental help. People with problematic bipolar disorders aren’t, and I mean should not even be fit to work. They end up making enemies out of everybody.

I wrote this to let everybody be aware of this. I don’t want everybody else to go through what I’ve been through. So if you know people that have tendencies to randomly lash out (out of nowhere) to other people, you may be dealing with this. If you have nasty coworkers, friends, (and sometimes) even relatives, they may not be necessarily evil… they may just be mentally insane. You need to get them help immediately.


Everyone has days when they are up, and days when they’re down. Not too many people can say they feel the exact way everyday, all throughout their lives. The difference with bipolar disorder is that the up’s and down’s are more extreme and most often will occur on a more irregular basis.



Mental health illness comes in all forms. Bipolar disorder is a mental health issue that can have a severe negative impact on people who have it. It is treatable but many times will go undiagnosed. The symptoms associated with bipolar disorder can have tremendous negative impact on job performance, school and relationships.


Bipolar disorder is also known by another mental health illness, called manic depression. The mental health effects of manic depression are:

  • mood shifts
  • manic behavior
  • depression lows which can last for days, weeks and maybe even months.


Mood swings are generally so intense that they can’t function normally. Other effects of bipolar can also include manic episodes that include impulsive acts (like randomly lashing out on other people). The cause of this mental health illness has not yet been determined.


Proper actions when diagnosed with bipolar disorder can make a world of difference. Getting the proper support from family or friends can help a person look forward to the future and live a normal life like everyone else. While bipolar disorder is treatable, it can be difficult to manage.

But the point is, it needs to be treated. Otherwise, you can make other people’s lives a living hell, without even knowing it.


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  • Mj_tantan22

    What the hell are you talking about! Be properly educated about this disorder. I beg your pardon but, i need to tell you this. Please do not jump into a conclusion that everybody who has this kind of sickness is mentally ill. By saying that, you are depriving them from their right to enjoy life and find meaning to their existence. Your experience with your coworker will not necessarily mean that everyone dealing with such will have the same experience as you did. Expand your shallow frame of thought, dude! What you have heard from others, all the things that you have learned from your research can never be enough and are not comparable to someone who is exactly experiencing it. If all people are like you, wearing blinders and who cannot take extra mile to see beyond your eyes can see, this world is really a hell-like place for everybody.