Top 15 reasons why you should quit your dead-end job and do freelancing instead

Freelancing, upon hearing that term, people think freelancers are people who work at home. People who sit their butts all day at home and still earn money.

While true to some extent, it hides a vicious fact of blood, sweat, tears and hard work put into it. Sure, some freelancers make it seem easy… make it look like a piece of cake and freelancing was the best thing that ever happened to them.

But I guarantee you, those who made it — have put a lot of hard work before they made it big.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to discourage you. I’m just putting out the little known fact (contrary to popular belief) that freelancing is a lot of work. But! Don’t let it bring you down. Freelancing is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. It has tons of benefits if you’re willing to do the work.


Most freelancers work at home. This includes mothers, disabled people, students and others. But it is not only people like them who are involved in freelancing. Even skilled people quit their day jobs to do freelance work. While some people who have stable benefits in a company resort to freelancing for additional income.

Point is, many people nowadays resort to freelancing for full-time income.


Freelancing has many unique advantages that doesn’t exist in a company job. Especially for people who prefer working for himself instead of being employed, freelancing is a great escape. If you are still in a dilemma whether to take a leap of fate and go freelancing instead, this article might be able to help you.

Below are the top 15 reasons why people opt for freelancing instead.


1. You are your own boss.

Hate your boss? Your boss is a jerk? Your boss is a neck-breathing, stick-up-his-ass, control freak? Then by all means — be your own boss!

Freelancing let’s you do that. Freelancing gives you that freedom. Hence the word ‘free’ in ‘freelancing.’

By God, be your own boss and rate yourself as a boss/employee.

2. Full freedom.

Remember the word ‘free’ in ‘freelancing?’ This is total freedom! You could work in your undies (or completely naked) in front of your laptop. You could work with loud as hell music banging on. You could work with pizza, pretzels and fries at your desk.

Live free and enjoy. You are not chained by your ‘prison’ day job anymore. You are not controlled by your boss. You don’t have to deal with backstabbing coworkers.

This is freedom… How does it feel?

I'm free!

3.Flexibility of time. Finally free from that damned alarm clock!

We all call it hell. Yes, it’s that thing we call an alarm clock. That Godforsaken beep to drag us to work, when all we want is to spend a little bit more time with our beloved pillows — yes, that Godforsaken alarm is hell.

Being free from that gives a whole lot of happiness to our lives.

I don’t know what the secret to happiness is, but I know for certain it involves throwing your alarm clock out the trash.

4. Having a social life again!

Did your job completely kill off your social life? Did your college buddies call you for a wild party and all you can say is “I can’t. I have to get to work early tomorrow.”

Now, does that suck or what?

With freelancing (yes, it can be very busy), but you can completely shuffle your schedule. You are not bound with your 8-6 plus overtime time anymore. As long as you can make the deadline, you can completely put off work and have a Saturday night blast instead!

5. Choices of work and clients.

The most annoying factor in any workplace — is the “co-workers factor.” While true, there are lots of awesome people out there — the same can be said of jerks and backstabbers too. In fact, most companies nowadays are plague with backstabbing jerks. Or control freaks who just can’t mind their own business. Or worst, company snitches.

With freelancing, no more snitches who tell on you whenever you open up yahoo news. No more annoying coworkers who seem to dictate every move you have to make. No more backstabbing… no more jerks!

The joys of freelancing. If you don’t like your client or your freelancing team — ditch them. Find a new project. Plenty of projects out there. The trick is to create a big enough network to bring you a variety of freedom, work and client choices.


6.Less pressure and reduced stress levels.

Don’t get me wrong, freelancing is still la lot of pressure. No matter what you may think or hear, freelancing is a lot of hard work. We still have to pay the bills, don’t we? We still have to pay our mortgages, car loans, child expenses, child schooling and tons more.

Now imagine, how many freelance project you have to do in order to pay all of those?

But don’t let that discourage you. It’s still a million times better than working for a dead-end company. The stress levels will of course be reduced. After all, this is what you want, right? When doing something you love, it won’t feel like work as much.

That’s why pressure and stress levels are lower compared to your mind-numbing, day to day, 8 hour work in a zombie company.


7. More Income privileges.

If you want more income, just find new projects, right?

Be careful though, these days, a lot of cheap, under paid freelancing projects out there. But this is also good if you’ve already established your network and if you feel you can still do more projects, just add another client on the side and earn more.

Just don’t let yourself get burned out. One big thing about us, freelancers is, if we get burned out, our creativity plummets and our work is in serious, serious danger.

Love what you do, enjoy what you do, do your best in every project and you’ll live a happy, fulfilling freelancer life.


8. Fulfilling work.

The main thing about most day jobs is, it completely nullifies our creativity. You are not getting paid for your creative work. You are paid for the time you spend on your cubicle.

You may have achieved a company breakthrough work today, but you still are paid for the time you sat on your cubicle. Otherwise, on most days, you’ve been completely unproductive on your desk, secretly playing angry birds all day — you will still get paid for the 8 hours you spent on your desk.


9. Have global scope of freedom.

You are not limited to finding work only on your city anymore. Your client could be thousands of miles away on a different country and you’d still get paid.

Traditional company work only lets you work in companies near your home. If it’s in another city then you won’t even be able to work there. Unless you move.

For all we know, your client could be living on Mars, but as long as you’re getting paid, you couldn’t care less.


10. Work load freedom control.

Like I said, we could shuffle our work load and schedules. Dump off all the work on weekends and have a drunken wasted weekend instead.

Just remember to keep your deadlines, okay?


11. Vacations and freedom to move anywhere in the world.

My favorite reason…

No more begging your boss to approve that PTO. No more arguing with your coworkers on who gets to leave for the holidays and who gets stuck at work.

In fact, holidays won’t mean squat anymore. As of today, you can pack your bags and go to Hawaii. Open your laptop on Waikiki beach, enjoy the sun, the beach and a Pina Colada in hand — and hammer on that keyboard like there’s no tomorrow!

Being on a beautiful island paradise, there should be no shortage on creativity and work will be done ahead of schedule leaving you with massive free time to party and scuba.


With that being said, you could also pack your bags now, go to Boracay, rent a condo/room for 10-20k pesos and live there for the next six months. Yes, it’s that easy.

Given you’ve taken care of your family affairs first. God, it’s so much easier for single people. :)



12. No forced commitments to fulfill.

Your boss can’t pressure you anymore. He can’t pressure you to do assignments you hate.

Being a freelancer, if you don’t like a project, move on to another one. Simple. If somehow a project turned sour and a client suddenly starts demanding… ditch and find a less demanding client instead.


13. No need to dress up.

Yes! No more uncomfortable heels for me! I can work in my maternity dress if I want to. And my hubby wants me to dress in my nighties all day. He’s crazy. But point is, you can dress any way you want — or be completely naked if you want to. Disgusting, but what the hey, it’s your life. :)

So easy... even a bunny can do it.

15. Get full credit of project.

No more backstabbing, credit whores to steal your work. No more bosses who dump all the work to their employees and takes full credit of the result.

Unless, you’re a ghostwriter, you get credit for your work. A serious “excellent work” and “Great job” remarks from your clients is extremely rewarding.


To sum it up, freelancing is a long, hard road to choose. But the rewards and fulfillment goes beyond your wildest dreams.

Reflect on it, think really hard. Make sure this is what you really want before you take the plunge and submerge into the wondrous life of a freelancer.


Did I miss anything? For those seasoned and starting freelancers, what do you think? Got anything to say? Leave them in the comments section.



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  • Crystal Yorker

    Never take work that doesn’t pay what you know you’re worth. The great thing about sites with lower fees is that you can make more without the client paying more! Elance and odesk charge WAY too much imo, but sites with lower rates like have saved me literally hundreds of dollars this year alone!