Top 5 Cheap Father’s Day Gifts

Looking for a way to show Dad he’s appreciated without spending a lot of money? Then, try one of these ultra-cheap, but ultra-thoughtful Father’s Day gift ideas…



1. A Dream Fund

We all have something that we really want, but can’t afford. Figure out what that is for Dad – a new car, a vacation, a fancy tool – and start a fund for it. This can be as simple as filling a jar with change or placing a few bucks in a savings account. The amount of money you contribute really isn’t important – you just want to show him


2. A Clean Car

A freshly detailed car is guaranteed to make any dad swoon. Grab a few supplies from around the house and get busy washing, polishing and vacuuming your Dad’s ride into tip-top shape.


3. A Week of Special Lunches

Does Dad take his lunch to work each day? If so, treat him to a week of special lunches. You can bake up special desserts, make him his favorite sandwich, surprise him with little love notes – whatever you choose, it’s sure to be tasty for him and affordable for you.

To announce your gift, draw or print out a handmade certificate or menu list to give to him on Father’s Day.


4. A Day Off

Dad works hard, and deserves a day off from time to time, so make Father’s Day that day. Let him know that from sun up to sun down he can do exactly what he wants – watch TV, hang out with the guys, tinker with the car – it’s all fair game on Dad’s Day Off.

Does Dad like to fish? If so, you can announce your gift by presenting him with a container of worms first thing in the morning. He’s sure to get the message and split.


5. Dinner or Dessert Out

Father’s Day is a great time to treat Dad to a meal out, since many restaurants offer dads a free meal to celebrate the occasion. Do a little research to find out if any restaurants in your area are running a special Father’s Day promotion. Then, take Dad out, and don’t worry about the bill.

If you aren’t able to find a free deal for Dad, consider taking him out for dessert instead. It’ll still be a treat, but it won’t cost you as much as dinner.

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