Top 5 Reasons to get a Dog

Anyone who has grown up around dogs, spent time with them or experienced the joys of owning one can attest to the wonder, excitement and joys dogs bring to their lives.

Dog owners know the fact that there’s something special about them. Dogs have the power to change your life. Nothing else in this world can bring that loyalty, obedience and love they have for you.


Unfortunately, not everybody had the experience of being around dogs and the immense life-changing potential that they can bring into one’s world.

While true, dogs do need some work. They need to be fed, bathe, cared for, not to mention the ‘poop cleaning.’ But the most important aspect of all is… they need to be loved.

Don’t worry, the love that they give back is a million times more than you’ll ever be able to give them. And they want nothing much in return. They just want you to… love them.


I always urge people to have dogs as companion. While true, that not everybody can be dog owners, for the most part, I really wish everybody can experience the joys of dog ownership at least once in their lives.


Here are the top 5 reasons to get a dog.


1. Companionship.

Nothing can bring more companionship like a dog can. It will be with you 24/7, it wouldn’t want to be anywhere else rather than in your loving, caring arms.

Feeling lonely? Get a dog. :)

2. Loyalty.

No other creature in this world has that much loyalty of a dog. Dogs will give undying loyalty to their owners. And will want little in return. Little food, water and a pat in the head will forge a bond that will last a lifetime.

It only takes little effort to claim loyalty from a dog. And you know they will be by your side forever.

3. Protection.

So… yeah. Little toy dogs aren’t much of bodyguards, but they chase rodents and bark at intruders. So that should help at least.

But some pesky neighborhood thieves been poking around your yard lately? Get a doberman, German Shepherd or Rottweiler… that’ll solve all your housing security problem.

4. Joy.

Dogs bring wonders to one’s life. They love to play, yeah, all of them do. Bored? Play with them. They’re always up for it.

And nothing brings more joy than coming home from a crappy day to a happy face and a wagging tail. This act alone, is worth a million bucks.

5. Unconditional love.

Empty home? Empty heart? Empty life? A dog will fill your house, heart and life with love.

A dog will love its owner no matter what. A harsh shout will be forgiven by a dog in a matter of minutes. Dogs don’t care whether you’re rich, poor, tall, short — all he needs is a little love in return.

A dog will work for your love. It will give undying love, loyalty and will work his hardest to please you — just to get a little of your love in return.

All they care about is pleasing you. If they have pleased you, then they have achieved their life’s goal.

Final note, if humans were as happy, forgiving and loving as dogs are — the world would be a much better place to live in.


Did I miss anything? To all dog lovers out there, tell us your wonderful experiences with your amazing pets. Leave them in the comments section. I personally want to hear various wonderful dog stories. ;)





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  • Emma

    I love dogs so for me I need no reason to own one, but I agree with all your reasons.