Top 9 Things You’d Hate to Lose!

We have so much stuff. Most of them, we can live without. However, there are some stuff today we just can’t afford to lose.

There are things, which in today’s society, would make life a lot harder if we loose them. So take care of all these things.

Here are the top 9 things you’d hate to lose:


1. Driver’s License.

Imagine loosing it… back to taking the bus/jeepney to work again? What if you have a hot date? I’m sure you’d want to show off your cool new ride to your hot date. In any case, making out inside your tinted ride is hell of alot cheaper and easier than renting a motel. :)


2. Your Job.

Your job sucks. It makes you miserable. Your boss is a vampire… he sucks the life out of you. Yet you’d still hate to lose your job.

You despise your job… but it pays the bills. And paying the bills mean sucking up to your boss everyday, dealing with crappy co-workers, waking up from that dreaded alarm clock every morning. It sucks.

You should reassess your life right now. Seriously, do it right now.


3. Cable TV.

Even with all the cable TV’s competition like laptops, PCs, iPads, DVDs, online movies, streamings, etc.

The future of TV is… still TV.

Man will always fall back to the easiest, shortest possible path. We may have all the time in the world in our 20′s, but once we get older, the responsibilities of providing and nurturing a family will take up all our time.

After a long day at work, you still have to pick up the kids, do groceries, errands and a bunch of stuff more. You won’t have time to download that cool new movie online. You won’t have time to wait for your TV series to stream. You won’t have time to log into your netflix or rent redbox or what ever. Picking up the remote is the easiest and FASTEST solution to recover from stress. (maybe a bottle of beer too… or a massage… or sex… hmm…)

After a very long day of working for a boss from hell, and doing a crapload of errands for your family, you’d just want to crash on the couch, turn on the game and fall asleep. While every part of your body and mind aches, you’ll think… “What the hell have I done with my life so far?”

The future of TV is still TV.


4. Beer.

Man’s greatest invention. Beer. People say man’s greatest invention is TV, but which would you rather choose? If you could only have one, and I mean ONLY one thing in your life, which would you rather choose, TV or beer?

Wait! Now I’m confused! I need TV to watch the latest games! But games are boring without beer! Argh! I can’t live without both!

And life isn’t worth living without beer and TV.


5. Wallet.

Doesn’t it always suck to lose your wallet? I lost wallets way more than I can count. That’s why I haven’t used a wallet in the last 10 years. Funny, isn’t it? The moment I stopped using wallets was the moment I stopped loosing things. Weird.


6. Car.

Getting your car jacked is the surest way of ruining your day. And you somehow realized you only have TPL on your insurance. :( Crap! No car replacement, sucks for you.


7. Passports, Birth Certificates.

Isn’t it a pain in the ass to get in line 10 miles long in a Gov’t office to file an affidavit of loss and get brand new documents? Yep, loosing personal gov’t documents is a pain in the ass.


8. Health.

You may loose all the money in the world, but as long as you have four limbs and a head still attached to your neck — you can always start a new life. Health is the only REAL thing we have in this world. Money, house, cars will come and go. Even family bonds get thinner and thinner everyday.

Take care of your body, it will take you places.


9. Your Mind.

Our most precious asset. Our intellect will determine how we’ll live our lives. Keep an open mind and keep learning, and your life will go through wondrous experiences in ways you’ve never imagined possible.

As the opposite goes, maintain a closed mind and keep nesting in your comfort zone — will precede you with a dull and tasteless life.


Open your mind, keep learning and have an adventure beyond your wildest dreams!


 What do you think? What else would we hate to loose?


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