Understanding the Pisces (for my brat brother)

My brother read my last post. And that brat requested me to post something about his zodiac too!

Geez, here it goes:


Artistic and dreamy, Pisces men are the poets and/or drunks of the world. This “fish zodiac” feels everything close to it, they empathize with the feelings of a whole room of people.



Compassion is a Pisces male greatest gift, but with lack of further analyzing comes confusion. This is the kind of “boundaryless-ness” that inspires a Pisces to write the most heartening book, music or paint with real truth. It can also drive the poor guppy to drugs.

These men are soft and at the same time, bedazzled, and with great potential for highs or lows.


The Pisces male is the best empathizer in the world. This makes him a wonderful counselor or advocate and a friend to the downhearted. He’s got the ability to imagine unbelievable stories, songs, or outrageous games to play with childlike naivety. A gentle, delicate person at his best, Pisces can be an asset to the world as an epitome of selfless love.


Unfortunately, the same sensitivity can make these Pisces guys self-pitying, self-depreciating wrecks. They can feel defeated and become bitter, which is very, very ugly. Pisces wouldn’t hurt anyone, but the inability to get out of the negativity they exude is damaging to the point of addiction. And sadly, they can take it out on others without taking responsibilty for themselves. Reality can be bent by the minds of the Pisces tribe.


Pisces Fish


The dream girl for Pisces guys

Pisces is attracted to caring ladies, who can use their emotions to improve people’s lives. These men admire practical women too. Women who can live out the dreams they have and remain grounded are good for Pisces men. In their souls, Pisces are looking for a sort of a fairy tale that can lift them.

Any woman who can balance a checkbook might attract a Pisces man. He’s looking for partners who performs magic, which to him might be something simple like doing mundane daily tasks. Pisces men are very otherworldly. Dancers and artists, photographers and musicians, even store managers can fascinate the “Fish men.”


Living with a Pisces man

Weave fantasies.

You might think you’re too old for fairy tales, but Pisces guys can make you feel like the princess with the frog. Escaping from the real world is cleansing and not dangerous. Go to that ideal world with  the Pisces now and then.


Let him cry.

Although it’s hard for the Pisces men to be emotional, it really is a strength. Encourage him to let it out– if he doesn’t, he’ll drown in sorrow.


Find him an underdog.

Pisces men gain strength when they fight for the victims. All the things they might not do for themselves, and all the crap they would absorb, are not acceptable if it were to happen to others. They themselves can take suffering, but they can’t just sit idly by while others suffer. Help him fight.


Dance and sing.

There is no other form of expression that Pisces guys love more than this. They will stop you in mid-conversation if they hear songs they like. Music is the blood of the Pisces race.


Reassure him.

Pisces like to hear that “everything is going to be alright.” They especially like to be assured of where they stand. If their women can communicate their assurance to their Pisces partners often, it’ll build a sense of connection to the soul. These Pisces are deep and will love with everything they have.


Don’t push him too far.

You can annoy a Pisces guy for a very long time, but one day he’ll snap and at that point, it might not be possible to convince him to forgive you. Pisces can only be a doormat for so long.


Keep him organized.

“Pitifully chaotic” is the proper description of the order of a Pisces’ life in general. No routines,unpaid bills, zero house cleaning — all these happen to the best of the Fish Men. You will find yourself tidying him up.


Don’t let him live in pity.

The Pisces guys have habit of curling up and believing the world is out to get them. If he starts to really get used to his coping mechanism, it will destroy his mental health. And yours too. Make him do something to cultivate his thinking – maybe a volunteer or charity work, if he feels he just helped someone, it will boost his confidence.


Look for the best in him and help him develop it.

The Pisces men will give a lot. And they’re given talents of art that are superior. But they tend to suffer from self esteem problems or depreciating-acknowledgment of the gifts they’re given. Reassure and cheer him up.


Banish fear.

This is a problem for many, Pisces men can make excuses for not doing anything. Their fears are real. So changing the reality they made in their minds, is the first step out of the sinkhole. Everyday, take a small step towards ignoring fear.



Pisces is a zodiac sign full of promise. Pick a good one and you will always feel loved for the rest of your life.

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