Understanding the Taurus

Whether you believe in the Zodiac as a reflection of one’s personality or not, it’s still wouldn’t hurt to expand your knowledge about a different kind of personality basis.



For the longest time, our ancestors have based their assessment of a person’s character, solely by their Zodiac sign. As for myself, being married to a Taurean, my first assignment as a wife was to understand the inner workings of a Taurus.


Born April 20 to May 20, it’s a sign that literally means the Bull. Taurus is an earthy sign, evident in the animal that it represents. Given this, a Taurean is said to be calm and hardworking, but at their own pace. The Taurean is also good-humored and can recognize and appreciate talent in others.



Here are a few things you can consider when dealing with a Taurus.


  • He is practical. A Taurus is said to have a powerful personality, and loves action. However, unlike others, a Taurus is practical and prefers to be productive. He will not want to act without knowing the reason or end. A Taurus will not simply act for the sake of action.


  • He realizes ideas and ideals. The Taurus is an action man (or woman). While they might not be initially inventive or too creative, they will use ideas that already exist, and turn these into practical inventions or projects. A Taurean will not leave things unfinished, but will finish a project through the end.


  • A Taurus sticks with routine. A Taurean will prefer to do things at a set pace and time. Sticking to routine may be a virtue, or it may be a curse, though. A Taurus will be dependent when it comes to doing things the right way, but will be slow to adapt to new ideas.



  • A Taurus is stubborn. Given this persistence, a Taurus can also be stubborn, especially from the point of view of other individuals. A Taurean might be considered immovable or closed-minded. These people dislike change, after all, and will rather stick with one ideal or goal. A Taurus doesn’t like having to change his mind.


  • A Taurus is money-conscious. Taureans are said to be good in business. Wealth is his most important sign or aspiration, because this means comfort and stability. A Taurean will consider wealth for its tangible value, and not just spiritual or sensual value. This means that one’s talent should translate to tangible things that give comfort and security, such as a home, car, tools, furniture, and the like.


Taureans are usually introverted, but hard-working people. They are calm and will also appreciate calmness and beauty in others. Given this, it is said that a Taurus is the marrying kind—he is stable and committed, especially when it comes to relationships. However, this might come at a price, because a Taurus might tend to be controlling and stringent when it comes to a partner.


Me: I like to think I've tamed my Taurean husband.


Still, if you know a Taurean, you will appreciate how easy and practical it is to please him. A Taurus will be satisfied with the simple pleasures in life and a relationship. There will be no need for lavish gifts or shows of affection. Rather, ensuring comfort, loyalty and security will ensure that a Taurus will also return the same kind of affection.

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