UPDATE: Clean your browser history to fix site issues

Dear Readers,


We just had new site updates: We have recently revamped our servers to be more PHP 5 and HTML 5 friendly.



As a result, the servers have been faster and more efficient. But if your loading times are still slow, it’s because your web browser is still using old cookies and caches.


To fix this, you can either manually clear your browsing history (via: tools– settings, history or options – then clear browsing history), OR you can just download the all time best little software cleaner, ccleaner.

Ccleaner is free, and cleans and optimizes your system. And besides, you do need to clean your system every couple of weeks to make sure it stays fast and optimized.


Sincerely yours,

Admin Team


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We are the Admin Team... Silently working in the background, we keep this cool machine we call Filipino Book, well oiled and shiny. Phew!

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