War Still Going Strong – 17 Afghan Civilians Beheaded by Taliban

17 Afghan civilians, comprising of 15 men and 2 women, from southern areas in Afghanistan were beheaded by Taliban insurgents, and 2 troops were killed by Afghan soldiers, officials said on Monday.



The civilians at that time were featuring music and mixed-gender dancing at a party, Sunday night at Kajaki area in Helmand province. Initially reported that those people were killed because of the behavior they displayed at the party is strictly prohibited by the radical Islamist Taliban movement.


According to the Taliban spokesperson, the commanders in the area are not aware of the killings and denied the reports of their group’s involvement in the case.

On the other hand, Musa Qala district chief Neyamatullah Khan recounted that the attendees were killed to show off the Taliban’s condemnation on the celebration held by the civilians.


Helmand provincial spokesperson, Daoud Ahmadi stated that the victims were beheaded but at that time, it isn’t still clear if they were shot prior to that. Authorities have already been sent on a mission to dig further information about the whole event.

He further reported that the victims died upon the shooting that resulted from a fight between the 3 Taliban commanders over the 2 women who are among the victims. It is still uncertain if that or the music and dancing had really caused the carnage. Furthermore, the authorities still have to figure out if there are Taliban fighters who are likewise dead in the incident.


Sarhadi Zwak, provincial governor spokesperson said that 2 Nato troops which are on patrol during that time are as well reported dead in the Laghman province.

These incongruous cases of shooting, though not totally clear at this point, are somehow a part of the rash of “green on blue” assaults on the foreign troops by their Afghan allies.


According to the reports, Zwak stated in a telephone interview that an Afghan soldier was responsible of shooting the Nato soldiers and was shot right after. There have been a verbal deviance between the two parties but the details remain vague up to this point.

In their defense, eastern Afghanistan army cops spokesperson Noman Hatefi cleared that the Nato soldiers were killed when an Afghan soldier tripped and fired at the soldier unintentionally. After the incident the Afghan tried to escape but was unlucky enough to drip from the US aircraft called for air support.


ISAF and Afghanistan’s defense ministry both verified the incident however they didn’t give any further information about the whole thing, including the nationality of the alien troops involved.


This month, a total of 12 cases of death were accounted from assaults most of them are Americans.

Because of the series of attacks, Nato forces are advised to carry with them loaded weapons the whole time.

About a quarter of the overall assaults are said to because of the insinuation of the Taliban insurgents into the Afghan forces.


Assaults continue to come as Nato and US forces carry on the handover of the local security down to the Afghan forces before their deliberate departure in 2014 with the Taliban still active on many parts of the country. Such series of attacks is a virulent reminder of Afghanistan’s instability

Though most of the times foreign troops are the target, Afghan forces are as well affected by the same accounts of slowdowns.


Slaying civilians and foreign troops is part of the upsurge cases of violence over the weekend. The insurgents came in to rage the Afghan post in Washir district, still in Helmand province on Sunday night and killed 10 soldiers.

Further attacks that lasted for hours in the remote district also resulted in the death of 11 assailants.


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