Weekly Winners! 7-29 to 8-4

Based on views, comments, Facebook likes and shares — here are your week’s winners!



First Place: Selena – The kissing scene (things you didn’t know about kissing)

Second: Carrey - Cool stuff: 15 things about alcohol

Third: Glori - Cheaters, Broken-Hearted Twi-hards, and Questions: Would You Take Back a Cheater?



First prize – $20, Second – $10, Third – $5.

Cash Prizes increase as the site grows. So keep on posting, promote it well on Facebook and win more cash prizes!

Congratulations to the winners!


Note: Winners, you will be contacted here for your paypal e-mail address.


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  • Carrey771

    Thanks! woohoo!

  • SelenaAnne

    Thank You!!!!!!!!!