We’re Nearing Boiling Point

Nostradamus predicted the end of the world in 2012.




Honestly, I have reservations on how true his claims are. But seeing how the Philippines is currently managing its natural resources and the environment, he may actually be right.

The Philippines touted as the Pearl of the Orient has been struggling for years trying to rehabilitate its grandeur virgin forests, crystal clear rivers and lakes, pristine white beaches and the lush flora and fauna which are endemic to the country. Sadly, the nation is failing, badly. The country’s environmental programs that are supposed to be aimed at the protection, conservation and rehabilitation of our nation’s treasures have not been making big progress.


Who is to blame?

I blame our stupid government who has been so lax with environmental laws. It seems that they have decided to not heed the calls of their people and of the whispers of Mother Nature. Are the landslides, the flash floods, the epidemics, the disheartening cries of many Filipinos, the poor state of their impoverished lives not enough for them to actually see that it’s about time they take a firm stand against environmental degradation?

I blame our uncooperative industries who have been blinded by the smoke from harmful fossil fuels refusing to go renewable and have consistently failed to exercise their corporate responsibility.

Our government officials especially DENR who keeps tolerating illegal logging and irresponsible mining firms who have denuded our forests and made barren our lands that lead to the massive devastation of Bagyong Ondoy. It only shows our government officials’ neglect of the environment and their criminal disregard for its citizen’s security and safety.

Our water companies should also be slammed for their inability to offer us fresh water every day and yet, ironically, just east of Metro Manila lies the biggest lake in the Philippines, Laguna de bay.

The tourism sector has also been unwary of their advocacy for sustainable tourism letting the once island paradise of Boracay become extremely overdeveloped, with its famous beach now choked by  a flawed sewage system and overdevelopment of the island. The white beach may not be white for long.

The Metro Manila Development Authority should start relocating informal settlers near the riverbanks of the city because these squatters have continuously hindered the development of our capital and have made the Pasig River a giant septic tank.

Allow me also to blame our local government units in their enforcement of these environmental ordinances which has been lax — if not altogether absent.

Let me blame the elites who believe that carbon emission quotas can reduce the production of greenhouse gases in third world economies thinking that money can buy everything.

Lastly, I blame all the Filipinos who are presumably caretakers of this great nation but instead we keep killing it every day through our carelessness and greed. We know that we are all guilty in our lives that we have cut a helpless tree, thrown plastic in the sea which were mistaken as food by the fishes,  abuse the use of too much electricity, didn’t care if oil spills hit our ocean floors, build where we are not suppose to build driving away the littlest creature that lives there to be replaced by a concrete jungle, smoke-belched, turned a deaf ear to environmental advocacies, never thought of reducing, reusing and recycling our own garbage and most of all, those who have been ignorant fools about the current state of Mother Nature.


I feel so ashamed, for us and for myself.

It’s quite ironic that for the past few years, we thought that it would be a giant chunk of extraterrestrial meteorite would annihilate our planet earth. Today, it turns out we are all killing ourselves with our own misdeeds. Sad but true, we human beings are the only ones who have destroyed our own habitation. The future may seem so bleak for us. The Philippines is slowly dying and what we need now is a breath of fresh ear, literally. Let’s stop being wasteful and be practical. The world isn’t getting colder and the Philippines isn’t getting greener either. Our natural resources are depleting. Our forests are vanishing like thin air. Our rivers are turning into muddish nightmares. Our life is heading to an end. We have only little time left. It may be too late to have prevented these things but it’s not too late to start anew. We can start with simple basic ECO-solutions. It’s about time for us to be conscious of our daily activity. We might be amazed by the magnitude of the impact of segregating and throwing our thrash in the garbage bin, individual household tree planting, following the three R’s, patronizing environment-friendly products, more people walking and using improved public transportation instead of using their cars or turning off our lights for just one hour and be happy for what we accomplished in 60 minutes. Care for the Earth should always be our concern at all times. Don’t buy a car if there’s no serious need for it.  Don’t buy too many houses if you don’t really need them and please don’t go making babies just because you’re in heat. A small contribution can mean a lot.


We have only one home, the earth. Over-exploitation of its resources will kill it and when the earth is dead, all of us will die too. Learn to appreciate every little thing around you. The Philippines has been so blessed with a rich culture and biodiversity that is envied by so many. It would be a shame to lose such a precious pearl. The Aquino government should enforce his officials to do its share by executing and implementing existing laws for the protection and the preservation of the environment. In fact, we are hundreds of nautical miles away from environmental justice. The president should be more aware and bias for environmental protection and outside the metro what the government should do is educating people. Awareness should be coupled with action.  Sometimes awareness alone only lives “in the now,” and after the moment is over, it’s back to old habits. Well we can’t blame everyone but the fact still remains that change starts from oneself. The Filipinos themselves will have to learn eco-responsibility if he wants to continue living in the Philippines. It’s up to us to take on the challenge in preserving what is left of the Philippines and its treasures. Reversing ecological destruction maybe a long and arduous task but doing it for the next generation so that they can live a happy life is worthwhile.


We have a great country here and great people. We don’t need other countries to badger us with insults on how to run a country. We’ve been running this nation for years and we’ve accomplished a lot of feats. Our nation would grow by leaps and bounds if we just work together for a common goal. People want the government to do everything for them, what they don’t realize is that they have the power to do it themselves.

Mother Nature is in dire need of heroes who would aid her in her own battle, the battle against pollution, deforestation, extinction and climate change.

She needs you. She needs us.


Editor’s notes: Sorry for the late posting. This was buried in the ‘drafts’ area. We didn’t see it till now.


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