What if Charlie Sheen was God?

Author’s note: written a year ago, when all showbiz news was only about Charlie Sheen


The last thing I saw on TV last night, was “The roast of Charlie Sheen.” Had a few good laughs, but was too tired; closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Then I had the weirdest dream about Charlie Sheen.

In the dream, Charlie Sheen was God and I was a nincompoop journalist. He was sitting on a fluffy cloud, wearing a long white robe with cocktail (with umbrella) on his hand and an iPad in front of him.

I saw the iPad home screen, there were choices:

  • Create human
  • Create animal
  • Create half human, half animal (Lawyers, Politicians)
  • Tap once for earthquake
  • Tap twice for hurricane
  • Sprinkle some water on the screen for flood
  • Smite!


Here’s how the interview went:

Charlie Almighty: Make it snappy, I have a few p0rn– errr, celebrity stars to create.

Me: Are you wearing anything under that robe?

Charlie Almighty: Nada! Do I need to? How else do I test my p0rn– err, creations? -Sips a drink- 

Me: I didn’t know alcohol exist in heaven?

Charlie Almighty: Who do you think created alcohol, dummy?

Me: Okay, fair enough. Who is your best creation?

Charlie Almighty: I! Myself, who do you think?

Me: I was thinking one of your Goddesses, but good point. Wait, how did you create yourself? You didn’t exist before then you created yourself, wait, what? I’m confused.

Charlie Almighty: That “no beginning, no the end” thingy I wrote on my best seller. Read up. -Sips some more-

Me: Ok. How about 9/11. Why, oh why, did you let it happen?

Charlie Almighty: I got drunk. I didn’t watch over the world for a day and you humans really screwed things up!

Me: You? Get drunk?

Charlie Almighty: Again, that’s why I invented alcohol, dummy. Why, oh why would I invent alcohol if I don’t want to get drunk?

Me: Okay, doesn’t make sense but… why do you still have a drink in your hand? You get drunk, we “humans” screw things up, don’t we?

Charlie Almighty: It’s okay, I’ve learned my lesson. I used lower alcohol proof mix. Don’t worry.

Me: Should I be worried?

Charlie Almighty: Didn’t I just say not to worry? I thought I was the drunk one, Jesus!

Jesus: Yes?

Charlie Almighty: Sorry, my bad. Got caught up with human phrases again. By the way, say hi to my dummy journalist, Dave.

Jesus: Hi Dave!

Me: Hello! Wow! Can I schedule a confession?

Jesus: No need to confess, I already know all your sins. You admire my dad’s “special creations—–”

Me: Okay! Okay, back to the interview. How may drinks did you have during world war one? World war two?

Charlie Almighty: Uhmm… Couldn’t remember. All I know was, St. Peter was tugging me saying, “Wake up! The humans are screwing things up again!”

Me: What took you so long to stop it?

Charlie Almighty: Hangover, my boy. Took a while to get me sober.

Me: Really? Can’t you snap your fingers and make the hangover go away?

Charlie Almighty: Like I said, was too hungover to do anything.

Me: Okay, I…

Charlie Almighty: Final question, zippy. You’re boring me to hell — well, for the record — I hate hell…

Me: Why did you create it then?

Charlie Almighty: Let me finish–- and for the record, I had to make a place to put dumbass sinners somewhere, don’t I?

Me: Yes, and–

Charlie Almighty: I said let me finish–- It’s almost 9 o’clock, I need to do some smiting on my previous favorite show, “Two and a Half Men.”

Me: Okay, I–

Charlie Almighty: Too late! Time’s up! Back to your miserable life you go!



I wake up, “That was the weirdest dream.”

Wife: What?

Me: Nothing, honey. I just dreamt about Charlie Sheen.

Wife: So did I, about Brad Pitt.

On the TV: “Breaking News! Massive earthquake in Hollywood! Building set for Two and a Half Men collapsed! Everybody died!”


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