What Makes Kids Violent?

As the internet innovates into larger scope of information, online games had always been popular to the kids of our generation. From RAN Online to the ever famous DOTA, indeed it had been a trend to the world of kids and internet.

Most of the popular online games today are those that are actually not appropriate for very young gamers. Some may also have explicit content in them, not to mention those games that are played with the use of guns or knives like those of a military situation.


Nonetheless this is how kids enjoy now, the days of jackstones and other street games have long been gone. Online game is the new craze and kids get addicted to it that some even allocate their allowance just to play the god-forsaken games with their friends. Some kids even dedicate so much of their time that they neglect many unimportant things, like going to school and even taking a bath. Who would want to shower when you are winning anyway?


This is what kids of today had become with the advancement of the internet world; they became stubborn and unproductive to the society. They don’t do anything but stretch their right arm and click the mouse or push the keyboard.


On the other hand, this doesn’t make them violent. Is sitting in front of the computer while playing online games and being a parasite to the society makes you violent?


Let me introduce to you the power of lag. It is when a computer hangs or pauses due to slow internet connection or just a sudden malfunction. Just imagine the frustration and anxiety of a typical gamer experiencing this? When all you want to do is beat the hell out of your opponent and suddenly the computer lagged. It paused in the middle of a bloody fight against your enemy and you can’t even do anything about it but to wait and stare at the unmoving screen.


At the end of the day, online games don’t make kids violent, lag does. Save humanity and install faster internet connection.



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