What makes a real man?

“I am better than you, loser! I drink. I smoke. I have sex with so many girls and play with their feelings too. I play sports. I look like a million bucks. I’m very popular in class! I’m a king while you’re just a peasant! You’re a nobody! I’m the better man!”



These are just some of the cliches that I hear from the oppressive self-professed “alpha-males” who bullied me through the years.

Throughout the course of my life, I have been a target of these nasty and vain people. If there’s anyone in all of the batches I’ve been a part of who’s the most miserable, that would be me. Heck, I almost stabbed myself at the heart because of it.

Even some of the girls in my batches were joining in the action. Whenever I get teamed up with them, there’s a certain reluctance in their face and actions. They’d serve as the cheerleaders of these douchebags. They’d  laugh at the so-called “jokes” and treat them like rockstars despite their evil persona.

I don’t know why this black cloud is always following me even today. Maybe it’s society’s punishment for me because I am weird and I have something special to offer the world.

When I was in fourth year high school, I asked one of my classmates “I wonder why these bullies still get appreciated by my classmates despite their cocky and heartless ways?” And he answered, “They know how to socialize.”

Cereal Guy Spit -  what?!





These pseudokings think that since they know how to blend in and they’ve got it all it means that they are real men. Well all I can say is…


A real man doesn’t need to bring others down just to give his self-esteem a boost. He doesn’t fool women into falling for him. He doesn’t prey on the weaknesses of others. He doesn’t do stupid stuff just for the sake of getting noticed.

I may not look like one of those hotties that a girl fantasizes of and have plenty of other things to boast of about myself but that doesn’t make me less of a man.

I still hope that someday, most, if not all people would be enlightened on what makes a real man and people like me would be accepted.

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