When do we NOT need education?

Higher education per say has indeed evolved into different genres over time. Some say, education had excelled because of the modern technology it is applying. However, some say that it is no different than the education we have years ago, perhaps far worse.



Years ago, everyone can, and will study. They are driven by pure madness of wanting to learn, and if they don’t want to, some of them opted to dangle over the midst of taking responsibilities of finding money for their family. Yes, I mean, using what they learned, and a bit of talent to generate income.


On the other hand, 21st century didn’t come a bit handy for me. Yeah, sure, we have laptops– from vaio to mac– we have high-tech cellphones, tablets and anything that can optimize learning. Anyone who is capable of time travelling will really say, “Darn! What a dope!”


However, what comes with this is the downfall of education.

Why do we even need to study?


Let me tell you a bit of my opinion about education.

We study because we wanted to have a good job and earn money, right? It is all down to money. We study a minimum of five years in Engineering to be an engineer, we study 4 years of HRM to be able to work abroad- take note, we are talking about years of studying here. Many believe that these years will give you more of an upscale in finding jobs. Well, that would be partly wrong. That bring s me to the main point.


For the reason that you wanted to earn, you study. Take a look at yourself and examine what you did that you are good at. Are you good at cooking? Cleaning houses? Dancing? Singing? Or anything that you think can optimize for a living?

If yes, then why the heck are you still studying?




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