“When Evil Becomes a Blessing”

A slut, bitch, monster, quintessential mistress and a black-sheep. They addressed those agnomens to her. She was mistreated and misunderstood. Even the church condemned her. Few loved the real she,, but myriads hated her so much.



But despite all these bullshits, she didn’t give a goddamn care. She had an alluring physique that wrecked relationships. She was a dame with no scruples. If you’ll ask questions; then she’ll give you no sugar-coated answers. If you don’t want to get hurt, then don’t ask. She was an athlete in any fields.  She was a queen in any trades. She was a wench. Yeah. You read it right. She strides night by night  along Fields Avenue in Angeles City. Flaunting her assets. Struggling to hook up a hungry white man or even not-so-rich Koreans.

It’s another typical routine; it’s dawn and she’s lying on an unfamiliar bed.  So she stood up, another service was paid, another day will be saved.  She dropped by a small grocery. She’s now cramming heading off to her apartment. Thinking her bambino might be awake.  Her three-year old boy  might be hungry for breakfast.  Her baby was born out-of-wedlock. A baby who was born out of burning desire without a commitment. She didn’t expect it. But she never abandoned the child. She treasured him as the greatest gift that God had given her.


Why this job? I asked her once.

A prosti? Hehe (She chuckled, making the atmosphere normal) I never wanted this. ( lit her cigarette).  When I was a kid, I only dreamt for a very simple thing. I just wanted to live a happy life. My parents were both killed in an accident, I was 13 back then. (She said in a cracking voice)

 Am so sorry to hear that. ( I said Apologetically)

Nope, it’s okay.  I’m strong.

So how did you get into this?

 What do you expect from an orphan girl? I have no choice.  After my parents’ death, no one of my kin helped me. I used to be a pauper.   Until I grew older, I grew at the orphanage. I always dreamed that one day, I will leave this messy place.  So here comes the offer. A stranger came. An attractive offer for my freedom was granted, so I left. I was very brave and hoping to realize my dreams but…(another cigarette stick)  but..ahm apparently the stranger wasn’t an angel, he was from hell.  I ended up as  a fresh recruit for a goddamn syndicate.

And that’s how her story began.Then she lives happily ever after. In her fantasy.


Hitherto,  your story is still vivid in me.  You were very brave to unfold your story. Albeit of what I knew about you, it never diminished my respect for you.  I remember,  when I was young, you always cracked jokes whenever I was frowning. You always strengthened my backbone when I was weak.  You taught me to help myself for no one will stand up for me, but me myself and I. Oh, we’re three.  Lucky.

You were the only person who believed that I can be whom I want to become. You taught me to appreciate the beauty of life and it is a gift ;ergo, I have to live it to the fullest. You taught me to close my eyes when my heart was in pain and let my tears stream down my face for a relief. It was you who told me that a brave man never backs off and is, neither, afraid to cry. You taught me that I will never be brave until I know what I am scared of.

You never felt tired of teaching me the greatest lessons in life.

One day, you talked to me. You always dreamed that somebody would listen to you and share your story with everyone.

They say you are the biggest disappointment ever. But for me, you are the most fulfilling disappointment.

Please, don’t get upset. You said life is the hardest responsibility to account for. But, oh girl, you did a great job! You raised your son well.  You lived your life to the fullest!

I might be getting insane for writing this and think you can still read it. Remember your wish that someone may be brave enough to write your story? Here it is. I’m sharing it with everyone. I hope that this narrative may give at least half of the happiness your life gave me.

Nonchalantly, I was on the verge of crying while facing my pc monitor and pressing every letter of your story. Some people are screwing me up, laughing at me for the whore’s blood run within me. But I don’t give a f*cking care. I just laugh my ass out loud.

Before finishing this, I wanna say I am so proud of you. Congratulations for you had fulfilled your gift amidst all the bullshits.  Really. It is so amusing to think that clock ticks so fast. That the three- year old kid before is now writing your wonderful story. Let me thank you for giving me life. You did a good job on molding me. You never became the best friend to me for you were better than best. You were great.

I love you so much,  mother. I hope you can still hear me out.  I’m badly missing you. I’m quite baffled. Are you in heaven or hell? Please give me your address so I can send this letter. (just kidding)

Yeah, you were evil to their eyes. But you were the greatest blessing I’ve ever had.

Happy first death anniversary , mom! 


Your son

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  • JennyFB

    True story??

  • Dave

    This is blood splattered all over paper. This is what writing should be all about.

    I’m sorry for your loss :(