Where to Get Travel Insurance in the Philippines

If you are planning to spend your vacation or holiday in the Philippines, getting travel insurance in this country is very easy.



Travel insurance is very important. It can give you convenience, peace of mind and help you when certain issues regarding your travel and stay in the Philippines arise. Such as trip cancellation, travel delays due to weather, delayed or lost baggage, and many others.


There are many ways to get travel insurance in the Philippines.

One of these is through a travel agency. There actually are many legitimate travel agencies in the Philippines, that offer travel insurances, for this specific Philippine trip you want to take. But remember, in choosing a travel agency, make sure it is accredited by the Department of Tourism (DOT) in the Philippines. You can get a list of the accredited travel agencies here in the Philippines from their website.


Another way to get travel insurance is through travel airlines. There are major Philippine airlines that offer affordable travel insurances. Some of these airlines include the Philippine Airlines (PAL), Air Philippines, Cebu Pacific, and Zest Air. You may contact these airlines through their websites:


Philippines AirlinesCebu PacificAir PhilippinesZest Air


You can also get travel insurance through your credit card. Some companies offer travel insurance coverage among their many other credit card benefits. While planning on your Philippine trip, make sure to contact your credit card agency to learn more about their travel insurance offers and determine if their offer is right for you.


Getting travel insurance in the Philippines is indeed made easy through these various options. In determining which option to take, check out their costs and the coverage of the insurance. Make sure you get the best out of the price you will be paying for.


Going through the process of getting one may take up some of your precious time, but knowing that you have insurance in the Philippines and anywhere you travel to, will ensure that someone will be able to help you when travel issues come.


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