Why Do People Hate Fun?

People hate fun. Oh, yes they do!

Tell me how many people you know are like this:

- Mary put “fun” on hold in high school because she has to have good grades to get to a good college. “I’ll do it later,” she said.


- Mary puts off “living” and “fun” during college because she needs to do good to land a good job. “I’ll do it later.”


- On a new job, Mary barely had fun because she needs to work her way up in the company. “I’ll do it later.”


- And “work her way up” she did. She got promoted in a few short years. She could celebrate but she has to pay the car loan, rent and credit card bills. “I’ll do it later, need to work overtime first. Lots and lots of overtime.”


- And she didn’t do it later because she met a handsome young hunk of a colleague and now Mary is a happy wife and mother of a baby boy at age of 28. “I’ll do it later. The baby comes first.”


- And she still didn’t have fun because they just got a brand new home. House, car, home? Perfect life, isn’t it? Isn’t it!?


- Then two more bundle of joys came to her life. Now she has to work more and nurture these three bundles of joy. “I’ll have fun later.”


- In her 40′s, she still put “living” on hold because the children are nearing college. “Must save for a good university for my three little joys,” she said. “Fun is for later when I am older.”


- In her 60′s, Mary used a lot of her hard earned savings to lend her children marriage expenses, help with house down payments, and so on and so forth. “These young adults need a boost starting their adult life.” So fun is for later — again.


- She’s finally 65. Retirement. “Hurray! No more hard work, I’m retired!” Mary got excited and went off to Hawaii to have the wildest adventure in her life.


- Then, my oh my, she discovered she doesn’t have that youthful energy anymore. Her back aches, her knees aches, she has trouble getting out of bed, she needs to take her medication every couple hours, she gets tired too quickly. She finds herself napping a lot, peeing a lot, all she can do is enjoy a beach meal and look at the beautiful sunset. She couldn’t even order a mango shake because of ugh! Diabetes!


“Oh well, fun and adventure is not for me anyway. It’s for young people.”


Hmm, maybe she’s right. After all, if you go to Hawaii in your 30s, you can have the best adventure in your life! You can jt ski, scuba, surf, party and a lot more. But not when you’re old. Oh no. It’s too painful, it’s too tiring, fun is not for you. No, no.


“At least I’ve worked hard all my life for this. So I could save up for my health bills when I grow old.”


Let me repeat that.

Study hard all your teen life, work hard all your adult life. From your 20s till your 60s (that’s 45 years), just so you won’t have any trouble paying health bills when you retire.

So it’s safe to say, that “later” never happened.

Nice, isn’t it? People do hate fun.



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  • http://crazyintrovert.com/ Glori (CrazyIntrovert)

    Sh*t! you just described part of my life! But I still have hope!

    • Dave

      I’ve met hundreds of people that fell into this trap. Sad.