Why You Badly Need a Vacation (And 5 ways to break free from prison)

From years of never ending stressful work, this is the first holiday vacation I got so far — and it… feels… good.

I made a nine hour drive to Vegas (I know. Vegas, right? Woohoo!!!). And it was worth it. I just got here yesterday. Slept the whole day (due to 9-hour backache), and this is the first holiday morning I got.

It is super nice.


There’s a different energy to it. The whole family is here.

The whole clan is asked to vote where to hold family reunions every year, and Vegas seem to always have the highest vote.

Odd? Did we really need to vote?


It’s nice and peaceful. I don’t even have to think much about all stresses in life… the depressing stuff, the downers in life — this is what’s making this vacation, awesome!

I needed this. God, I needed this. I needed a vacation badly for a long time now. And thank God I got this.


The whole point of a vacation is to get away from it all. Life hit us down so hard and we need a break. Whether be it in a desert, beach, snow, woods, mountain, lakes, or even a farm — as long as you can get away from all the clutters of life — you can call it a nice little sweet vacation.


Everybody needs a vacation. Lots of it. When all the stresses from work, bills, responsibilities pile up — you get messed up. You become messed up, unstable — and you are bound to cause ‘disorder’ to everyone around you.

You might not know it, but whenever you’re unstable, depressed or miserable — you cause the same things around you. You build up a massive amount of stress, weariness and unhappiness — that poor people around you absorb it whether they like it or not.

Poor them. And you caused it. You’re part of their stress and depression.


It’s not your fault. You have to make a living. You have responsibilities. You have mouths to feed. So you have to keep working and keep building up stress.


But you need to unwind. You’re no good to them stressed out. If you’re stressed, depressed, unstable — they need to stay away from you. Or else bad things, words, energies (not really meant for your loved ones) happen. You don’t mean it, you love them — but you cause more harm than good right now. I know… I’ve been there.


I’ve lashed out and said so many harsh words to my family (especially to my wife) because I’m always stressed. I’m stressed out from my crappy job, from the bills I have to pay, from the pressure of making a living… from life.


Our country, our economy — is designed to pressure us. Pressure us to make a living, pay bills, pay taxes… so the economy could thrive. It’s a genius design of zombie-living. Genius design for the economy — bad design for us.

So how can we break free from this zombie living?


1. First, unwind. Have a vacation.

You’re no good stressed out. Your judgement is clouded. You can’t think straight. The accumulation of stress, pressure, depression clouds your judgement. It clouds your thinking, it blocks your creativity.

A vacation doesn’t have to be expensive. Drive a few hours away. Drive to the beach, the countryside, the lake. It doesn’t have to be a nice expensive tourist spot — it just have to be a place far away from your stressful life, a place of peace.


The main point of this, is to get away from it all and have peace. You need a few days though. Maybe even a week. An overnighter might not be enough. I know you have responsibilities, I know you have mouths to feed. But these are times of desperation. We need to get our shit life straight. It’s hard, I know. That’s why it took me a whole year to schedule this vacation.

Get away, breath, relax, unwind. Then you get to the next phase…


2. Think. Reflect.

Reflect on your life. Where are you at right now? Is this how you envisioned life?


Then think. What can you do about it? How can you turn your life around? Why are you always stressed out? Are you one of the zombie workers? Have you accepted that this is life? This is the way it is? Are you gonna be stressed out your whole life? Living paycheck to paycheck?



3. Decide.

What is it you really want? What have you always envisioned your life to be?

When you were a kid, what did you envision yourself to be when you grow up? What are you passionate about?


4. Take action. Learn.

Take little steps. Work on your passions on your free time. Make it like a hobby of sorts.

Or better yet… get a part time job on something related to your passion.

It doesn’t matter what, be it a waitress, clerk, cook, tech staff — it doesn’t matter — as long as it’s related to the area of your passion. And you’ll get good.

The most valuable knowledge and education is in the workplace. Not in school, but in the workplace. The workplace is the best university you’ll ever go to.

The most important thing is, learn. Learn everything.


5. Put in time and effort.

Get good at what you do… and you’ll succeed.

The only way to get good at something is to do it 10,000 times. Or was it 10,000 hours?

Once you really, really get good at something, you won’t have to worry about money anymore. Money will flow in.

You are too good at what you do — money and people will find you. They’ll naturally get attracted to you.



Bonus tip: Pray. Be thankful. Nourish spirituality.

You can’t go through life alone. Whether you like it or not, there’s a great spiritual energy beyond us — beyond our understanding.

Meditate. Reflect.

Spirituality is real. Read a spiritual text. Whether it be the Bible, Zen, Enlightenment… read any spiritual text — it’s one of the greatest learning sources in this world.


Be thankful.

Be thankful to HIM. Whoever is Him you perceive to be.

Be thankful to your family and friends. Let’s get serious, you haven’t made it this far without them.

  • Your mom and dad fed and clothed you when you were still a helpless little baby. Whether they are great parents or not — you are alive because of them.
  • You sleep safe at night because the cops and the military are working day and night to keep our country safe.
  • You have food because the grocery people are neatly stocking your food at night.
  • The hospital people take good care of  you when you get sick. (then the hospital owners send you a massive bill. But that’s another story)

Get my point? You wouldn’t have made this far alone. Be thankful.


So grab life by the balls, take action, succeed and be thankful. You are awesome — goodluck!


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