Yahoo CEO Fired for Lying in Resume

Did you know you can get fired for lying in your resume? How many of us have done it. At one point or the other, all of us have “tweaked” our resumes.


Yahoo CEO – Scott Thompson


And now he’s fired.

First they said they weren’t going to fire him. Then they changed their minds, and Yahoo fired their CEO because he lied on his resume.


When the lie was first discovered, there was outrage, yet Yahoo maintained the lie didn’t affect CEO Scott Thompson’s qualifications. In the end, though, that wasn’t enough. The scandal was a huge issue for the troubled company, the lie ruined the CEO’s credibility, and they cut him loose.


For most of us, a lie on a resume isn’t going to get quite that much attention, but it’s still something to really think carefully about. Here are some of the risks and benefits of lying on your resume.



- If you get found out, you might not get the job.

- If you do get the job, you might get fired when the truth comes out.

- Even if you don’t get fired, you’ll still lose all your credibility and will have to claw your way back from the starting position (either literally or metaphorically).

- A lie will create anxiety all throughout your career about being found out than it’s really worth.

- It’s really hard to get the training or support you need to do your job when you say you’ve already got the experience.

- Depending on what field you work in, lying might very well get you sued. Don’t say you’re an experienced tech if you’re not.



- A lie could make your “unimpressive” resume look better– hence, might get you the job. For example, tweaking the dates of previous employment to cover up some time out of the workforce.


And you know what? That’s all I’ve got for the benefits of lying on your resume, and that’s not even a good reason. I really think it’s just too risky to put a (even a white) lie on your resume – and, frankly, it will always come back to bite you in the butt.


What do you think? You have “Tweaked” your resume before, right? Tell us your story!



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